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11 Spa Training Courses Highly Recommended For Your Spa Business

Đã cập nhật: Jul 20, 2019

Have you ever thought why a spa training course is so important to a spa business?

Do you find difficult to look for a spa training course that meets your demand?

You are tired of looking for a suitable spa training course?

Don’t worry!

Here are 5 benefits of a spa training course and some review to help you find out the most suitable one.

What Is A Spa Training Course?

Spa training courses are essential for any spa business. Students can learn the necessary skills and professional techniques to work in this industry.

A spa training course includes lots of lessons which are designed to meet the student demands. It covers intensive spa techniques, management skills, customer care skills,...

Students have chances to learn theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Throughout these course, they can work professionally and effectively in spa industry.

5 Advantages Of Joining A Spa Training Course

1. Improve the employee techniques and skills

A spa is a place devoted to overall well-being through a variety of professional services that encourage the renewal of mind, body, and spirit. When participating in a spa training course, the employee will be trained professional techniques (such as Balinese techniques, Chinese technique,... ), customer care and other necessary skills. All of these skills are directly related to customer satisfaction which is important for any spa.

2. Develop the quality of a spa business

The emphasis on improving the quality of spa services plays an important role. This is the decisive factor for the success of the business.

That is the reason the spa training course is opened with the aim of helping spa businesses develop and improve their shortcomings to bring them success. Spa training courses not only train spa techniques but also pay attention to train management skills, customer care service and other necessary skills. As a result, spa businesses can develop comprehensively and professionally.

3. Expand job opportunities

The spa training courses will train their students for a job in a growing industry. They will give students the knowledge to advise customers, learn about physiology and anatomy and numerous specific skills and techniques.

Then, the spa training courses will expand job opportunities. Students will be able to earn a higher salary, open their own spa business or work from home.

4. Control business management process

These courses bring lots of advantages for spa business owners. They will be able to:

  • Improve management skills and knowledge

  • Hire highly trained personnel

  • Save money and time for business

  • Expand the services they offer

  • Take advantage of apprenticeship programs

Understanding customers is highly skilled and qualified is important. Spa business owners are aware of this. That is why they want to hire only the most qualified people. Spa training courses can give you the training you need. They can prepare you to work in many different areas.

5. Support effectively for managers

The spa training course is not only for people who want to learn about the spa industry, but also suitable for spa managers. Both of them can study these courses to advanced their knowledge and professional techniques. Spa owners will take these spa training courses to improve their knowledge and skills. It is plays a key role in running a spa business.

The beauty therapy industry is very competitive. By enrolling these courses, spa managers can keep up with the latest technology which helps a lot in controlling their business.

11 Spa Training Course Highly Recommended For Your Spa Business

1. Spa Training Course - Massage Around the World

This course is suitable for both employees and spa managers. It is designed to meet the demands of the target students. The spa training course not only focuses on spa techniques and skills, but it also pays attention to operational training which is important for spa owners.

This course covers

  • Ayurvedic techniques

  • Balinese techniques

  • Chinese techniques

  • Reflexology

  • Sound healing

  • Thai techniques

  • Tibetan techniques

  • Operational Training

Course structure

  • Learn theory firstly

  • Combine theoretical and practical skills

  • Can learn online

What will you get from this course

  • Learn in-depth knowledge about spa for employees

  • Provide management skills for managers

  • Understanding a wide- range of spa technique

2. Spa Body Massage Training Course - The Beauty Academy

The course includes the most common kind of spa massage. Students can access to in-depth theories about spa techniques and practical skills.

The knowledge included in the course will help students improve their spa and customer care skills comprehensively. These are two important factors lead to a successful spa business.

This course covers

  • Healthy, safety and hygiene

  • Massage movements and modifications

  • Spa massage routine

  • Using different massages mediums

  • The express body massage routine

Course Structure

  • Run from 10 AM - 4 PM

  • Learn theory treatment firstly

  • The majority of the first and second day practicing your practical skills

Course length and price

  • Course length: 2 days

  • Price: US$ 507,65

What you will get from this course

  • Learn both basic and advanced spa techniques

  • Perform a professional body massage

  • Encourage healing in the body

  • Use of a range of massage mediums

  • Be able to work from home

3. Bali International Spa Course from Bali International Spa Academy (BISA)

There are numerous courses covered in BISA. They are designed which combines different treatments and equipment for students to learn and practice to become a professional therapist.

BISA includes easy – to – follow training manuals for many Asian and International massage, beauty and wellness therapies in high demand to meet the customer needs.

This course covers:

  • Traditional Balinese Courses

  • Essential Spa Course

  • Aesthetic Course

  • Holistic Course

  • Ayurvedic Course

  • Maternity Course

  • Health and Wellness Course

  • Spa Management Course

Course Structure

  • Learn basic theories and introduction firstly

  • Find and learn professional techniques and skills

  • Learn advanced knowledge

  • Combine theory and practice

Course length and price

  • Course length: about 5 days/ 35 hours ( according to each course)

  • Price: about US$ 500

What you will get from this course

  • Provide students both on-hands practice and theoretical understanding

  • Provide Internationally recognized certificates

  • Cover easy-to-follow training manuals from Asian and International massage

4. CIBTAC ( The confederation of International Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology) from Bali International Spa Academy

This academy was established in 1977 which aims to provide high-quality training within the beauty, complementary and spa sectors. Each course provides the highest educational standards in both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

This course covers:

  • CIBTAC Course Programs

  • CIBTAC Anatomy & Physiology Diploma

  • CIBTAC Body Treatments Diploma Package

  • CIBTAC Diploma In Aromatherapy

  • CIBTAC Endorsed Courses

  • Ayurveda Treatments Programs

  • Balinese Massage Course

  • Balinese Traditional Spa Rituals

Course structure

  • Learn basic theories and introduction firstly

  • Find and learn professional techniques and skills

  • Learn advanced knowledge

  • Combine theory and practice

Course length and price

  • Course length: average 20 days/ 140 hours

  • Price: range from US$1000 to US$5000

What will you get from this course

  • Understand deeply about traditional spa massage

  • Improve professional techniques

5. Training Programs And Courses from Singapore Spa Institute (SSI)

SSI offers an extensive range of training programs from Certificate to Diploma levels to everyone in the spa and wellness industry, regardless of whether they are new or seasoned practitioners.

These programs are built according to meet the customers' demand such as: Attuned to industry standards, trends and demands, Accessible to industry personnel with minimal barriers,... This course includes both programs for individuals and organizations.

This course covers

  • Skills Mastery

  • Course fee subsidy

  • Enhanced employability

  • Future-ready

  • Comprehensive progression pathway

  • Provide quality assured and industry- relevant training choices

  • Guide training and development planning

Course structure

  • Interactive with customer

  • Expand customer service in the business

  • Express - Provide massage techniques

  • Express - Provide treatment

Course length and price

  • Course length: 7 days/ 26 hours

  1. Training Duration: 15 hours

  2. Assessment Duration: 11 hours

  • Price: US$1428,59

What you will get from this course

  • Focus on customer service, maintain the relationships with customers

  • Improve the quality of service offered to the customer

  • Provide a wide range of program for students

6. The Diploma In Western Spa Therapy from Euro Chroma Institute of Cosmetology (ECIC)

The course of ECIC is flexible which based on the needs of students. It covers the in-depth techniques of Western spa therapy. The tuition fee is also affordable for everyone.

This course covers:

  • Spa Science

  • Aroma Spa therapy

  • Body spa therapy

  • Geo - Thermal stone therapy

Course Structure:

  • Conducted 6 days/ week, 2 hours/day

  • Learn about Western spa therapy

  • Combine theories and practice

Course length : 4 weeks/ 48 hours

What you will get from this course

  • Understand well about Western Spa therapy

  • Have the chance to practice in the spa industry

7. The Diploma In Oriental Spa Therapy from Euro Chroma Institute of Cosmetology (ECIC)

This course focus on Asian spa therapy which is suitable for students who want to learn professional spa therapy as well as the Asian spa business. It comprises 1- week modules.

This course covers:

  • Indonesian Spa Therapy

  • Thai Spa Therapy

  • Deep Tissue Spa Therapy

  • Hand & Foot Spa Therapy

Course Structure:

  • Conducted 6 days/ week, 2 hours/day

  • Learn about Oriental Spa Therapy

Course length: 4 weeks/ 48 hours

What you will get from this course

  • Have chance to study and understand Asian Spa Therapy

  • Have chance to practice in spa business

8. Ananda Spa Institute (AIS) - A wide-ranging spa training course

Ananda Spa Institute provides quality training courses which can help students become outstanding therapists. The course covers all aspects of functioning on spa, technical skills, and spa operations management. It is divided into 3 main spa courses:

  • ASI Spa Diploma

  • Ayurvedic Spa Therapies Diploma

  • Ayurvedic Foundation Diploma

These courses cover main lessons about

  • Anatomy and Physiology

  • Skin treatments (facial, manicure, make up,...)

  • Hot stone massage

  • Indian head massage

  • Deep tissue massage

  • Facial Electrical

  • Generic first aid

These courses structure

  • Minimum education qualification is from grade 10 to grade 12, according to the requirements of each course

  • Students can choose the main subjects they want to focus on

Course length

  • ASI Spa Diploma: 16 weeks

  • Ayurvedic Spa Therapies Diploma: 8 weeks

  • Ayurvedic Foundation Diploma: 4 weeks

What you will get from these courses

  • Students can learn a wide range of spa techniques and skills

  • They can choose the main major they want to focus on

  • They have a chance to learn and work internship in the spa business

9. Basic Balinese Treatment Course from Bali Spa Training Center

Bali Spa Training Center offers all the exotic Balinese and Asian techniques that reflect the best traditions of Asia as well as new concepts reflecting current trends in health. The aim of this course is learning the health and beauty secrets of Indonesia.

This course covers:

  • Traditional Balinese Massage

  • Body Scrubs & Wraps

  • Traditional Facial Treatment

  • Reflexology

Course Structure

  • Include 4 traditional treatments originate from Indonesia, especially from Bali

  • Learn step by step according to the course

Course length: 1 month/ 140 hours

What you will get from the course

  • Understand deeply about Balinese spa massage techniques

  • Learn the health and beauty secrets of Indonesia, especially in Bali

10. Balinese Spa Short Course from Sekar Jagat Spa

Students can learn special Balinese techniques. They can enjoy qualified hands-on training at Sekar Jagat Spa. Students will be instructed by a lot of experienced seniors.

This course covers

  • Balinese Body Massage

  • Body Lulur

  • Balinese Boreh

  • Balinese Traditional Facial

  • Stone Facial

  • Balinese Traditional Hair Cream Bath

  • Face Massage

  • Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage

  • Body Wraps

Course Structure

  • 4 hours of intensive training

  • Learn in small class

Course length and price

  • Course length: average 100 hours

  • Price: US$ 150 per day

What you will get from the course

  • Students can choose the most suitable course

  • Learn deeply about Balinese spa massage

11. Diploma In Massage & Spa Therapy from Tulip International Academy of Wellness & Cosmetology

Students can learn many aspects of spa massage. Due to its international course contents, expertise & excellent reputation, Tulip Diploma is internationally recognized and well accepted in the industry for their placements and for starting own setup.

This course covers

  • Ayurvedic Massage

  • Bamboo Massage

  • Deep Tissue Massage

  • Hot Stone Therapy & Massage

  • Heat & Steam Therapies

  • Body Wraps

  • Machine Treatments

Course Structure

  • Learn on Sunday, from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM

Course length

  • Course length: 2.5 months

What you will get from the course

  • Understand international spa massage techniques

  • Can arrange to follow suitable course according to student’s schedule


Quality is the key to any business, especially a spa business. Participating in a spa course is a method to improve employee skills as well as the quality of customer service. This will help a spa business grow stronger and stronger in the future.

Besides participating in a spa training course, spa managers should use spa management software to control their business better. There are numerous spa management software can support you.

Click here to find more information about bePOS.

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