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5 Must-have Spa Scheduling Software For Spa Managers

Đã cập nhật: Jul 20, 2019

Do you find it difficult to control all the schedule of your business?

Are you too tired of managing a great amount of data?

Don't worry!

Spa scheduling software is the optimal solution for spa managers. This article will show you the reason why it is the optimal solution for any spa business as well as describe 5 Must-have features of a spa scheduling software.

Why Is A Spa Scheduling Software Important To Spa Manager?

Spa Management Software can vastly increase efficiency, improve business profits, and make sure business and their staff are productive and stress-free. It’s virtually impossible to achieve the same results and have the same understanding of your business without good quality software.

1. Schedule appointment conveniently

Through spa scheduling software, customers can make an appointment directly and easily anytime, anywhere, depending on their own schedules. This is a smart, convenient and time-saving solution for clients.

Otherwise, it also reminds the customer’s appointments automatically. That provides professional customer service care, minimizes the cancellations and reduces the damages for business.

2. Make customer management easier, faster & safer

The spa scheduling software helps store customer ’s data ensuring information security. It also supports keeping business infomation such as customer profile, report, payroll and records customer feedback about service quality.

Since then, businesses will have more suitable and strong development directions in the future.

3. Use online marketing tool efficiently

Have you ever had troubles with branding, raising customers awareness or advertising for a new campaign?

Those are not a big deal when you have support from a scheduling software!

By using spa scheduling software, you can:

  • Expand the customer segment

  • Increase sale

  • Advanced customer loyalty

  • Focus carefully on currents customers.

As a result, customers will feel the professional service that you provide.

4. Control employee carefully

By the scheduling software, managers can plan and control employees schedules easily, save time for both staffs and managers. Moreover, employees can access and check their schedules anytime anywhere. Therefore, it can reduce the tasks for managers and increase the productivity of employees.

II. 5 Must-Have Features Of Spa Scheduling Software

1. Easy-to-use user interface

A spa scheduling software interface should be eye-catching and simple. Moreover, it should be installed easily in any operating system, suitable for both the mobile phone app and website. Furthermore, a good spa scheduling software needs to be simple for everyone can use.

2. Simple appointment management

This feature plays a key role in connecting customers and spa service through software. Since it is online, clients will use the software directly to make an appointment based on their schedules anytime anywhere.

As a result, it needs to be informal with minimal manners for clients to use. Otherwise, automatic recording and processing booking mode give consumer professional service care. They will feel comfortable and pleased with the service quality that the business provides.

3. Reliable customer management

Managing customers through the software system will help a lot for the supervisors. The management software system must have a large cloud which has the capacity to store customer information including profiles, data, feedback, ... It is also able to analyze available customer data which can help business build long-term relationships with current customer and expand the potential customer segment in the future.

4. Useful online marketing tool

Apart from information data management role, a spa scheduling software also carries a function as an online marketing tool with the task of branding and taking care of existing customers.

Since then, it helps businesses develop and innovate in accordance with current customer tastes. Besides, it performs the functions of advertising new marketing campaigns of enterprises easily.

5. Convenient staff management

Spa management staff software is an application of information technology, making stages easier to implement human resource processes. Using this software in controlling employee not only helps businesses rationalize human resource management process but also maximizes their potential. Superior management software needs functions such as:

  • Employee Database Management

  • Time Attendance

  • Salary Management,...

III. 5 Most Favorited Spa Scheduling Software In The World

1. bePOS - The most popular POS system for spa managers

bePOS is trusted by many of the largest chains in several countries. It is designed to meet customer demand. The interface is eye-catching and simple manners, customers will easily access business

The price is quite suitable for spa managers with 3 packages:

  • Free package: $0/store/month

  • Growth package: $29/store/month

  • Professional package: $59/store/month

Platform: Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android.

It contains lots of main features that a spa scheduling software must have such as:

  • Online Booking & Appointment Management

  • Basic & Advanced Service Product Management

  • Cash Management

  • Customer & Staff Management

  • Inventory Management

The feedback from the customer is the strong evidence to prove the advantages when using bePOS to support control the business:

Website: https://www.bepos.io

2. Envision Spa - Give you better support to manage a spa business

Envision Salon & Spa Management System is one of the industry's leading solutions for successfully managing all types of salons and spas. It's easy-to-learn, easy-to-use windows format.

Price: $25/ month

Platform: Mac, Cloud

Main feature of Envision:

  • Appointment Management

  • Employees Management

  • Booking Online

  • Membership Management

  • Loyalty Program

  • Payroll, and Commission,...

Here are some reviews of the customer when they use this software:

Website: envisionsalon.com

3. Booxi - One of the most supportive spa scheduling software

This is another software that I recommend you to experience. Easy to use solution for spa businesses and their customers to book appointments and get reminded. It is the perfect tool for Massage Therapy, Nail Salons, Beauty Tanning Salons and Tattoo.

Price: $20/month

Platform: Mobile iOS Native, Android Native, Cloud, Web

This software cover 5 basic features of a spa scheduling system:

  • Appointment Management

  • Client Management

  • Staff Management

  • POS,...

Here are some reviews of the customer when they use this software:

Website: booxi.com

4.MassageBook - The software support managers greatly

MassageBook allows the small to medium size massage practice, bodywork business, and day spa to compete with their bigger rivals. MassageBook is the leading national directory of professional massage therapists, simplifying the process of finding and booking local massage therapists.

Price: $9.99 ( 4 pricing plans from free to all-inclusive plan)

Platform: Cloud, SaaS, Web

Basic features of MassageBook:

  • Appointment Reminders

  • Group Scheduling

  • Online Payments

  • Online booking

When was asked about this spa scheduling software, some customers said:

Website: massagebook.com

5. SimpleSpa - An ideal software for any business

From large to small SimpleSpa is the software for any business that requires managing appointments for multiple staff. An easy to use web based app that lets you manage your appointments.

Price: $10/ month

Platform: Window

Basic features of SimpleSpa:

  • Inventory Management

  • Loyalty Program

  • Membership Management,...

Website: simplespa.com

In short, spa scheduling software is an effective assistant for any manager. Good software needs to meet all the needs of users such as interface, operation method, security features, other application software, and attached plans.

Meeting every management needs, bePOS spa scheduling software will be a perfect choice for the administrator. bePOS always accompanies and understands the essential needs of customers, giving them the best experience, contribute to build and grow your spa business stronger and stronger.

Click here to find more information about bePOS

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