Top 8 Highly-Recommended Salon Pos System For 2019

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Salon management has never been easy because of its complexity & high requirement. That’s why many people gave up their salon business after months trying to run one salon properly.

However, the appearance of the salon pos system has changed almost all the old conception thanks to its convenience for both salon managers and customers.

Keep scrolling down to discover why salon pos system has become essential to all spas and which one should be the right choice for your salon business!

5 Benefits Of Using Salon Pos System

1. Faster services

Customers always want fast services. It is obvious that nobody wants to wait in a long queue just for payment. More severely, waiting in a long line in hours can frustrate customers, thereby, they may walk out from your salon without getting services.

At that time, salon pos system provides speedy payment options, in many shapes such as credit/Debit Cards, mobile payment, etc allowing you to make the most of the checkout experience to engage customers & make sure that they leave your salon with good experience with your brand.

2. High accuracy level

Salon pos system is easy to use even for the beginners since its touchscreen interface can put all the data of salon and cash transaction at your finger point. Salon pos system eliminates manual keying system and maintains cash registers. Therefore, it not only gives a higher accuracy level during all your transactions with real-time data but also minimizes the risk of human errors when entering data at the back office.

3. Better payment options

EMV chip cards, contactless payments (NFC), and mobile wallet payments such as Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay payment options are available in salon pos system allowing salons to accept diverse payments types.

In the modern age, people tend to use debit cards & credit cards as their preferred payment method. By that, salon managers can increase the overall income as well as improve customer confidence.

4. Efficient working process

Salon pos system integrates salon management software, salon inventory management, employee management, and other utilities. Using these techniques, the salon's efficiency level will increase as salon owners can track every transaction of their business more effectively. Furthermore, salon managers can easily check inventory status and assign the task to employees which helps to boost the company’s efficiency and employees can be able to deliver early reports.

5. Detailed bill receipt

Installing POS software will allow salons to provide a clear & detailed receipt of your bill than a mere slip of paper mentioning the lumpsum amount of sale. This software also uses inventory data to provide more information on the shape of services, the price and total tax after excluding coupons & discounts. At the end of the receipt, some salons can also mention their business policies or every social message to spread awareness.

Top 8 Best Salon Pos System For Your Salon Business

1. BePOS - the powerful point of sale software

bePOS is an Australian pos system which has been widely used in over 10 countries around the world. This platform is highly recommended by many salon owners thanks to its effectiveness in increasing sales up to 30% per year for clients.

Moreover, bePOS is also one of the first cloud-based pos software combining the highest advanced technology allowing the salon to optimize their business to the maximum.

Platform: iOS, Android, PC

Main features of bePOS

  • Automatic online booking

  • Schedule management

  • Human resources management

  • Business management

  • Automatically send reminders

  • 24/7 Support

  • Inventory Management

  • Point of sale (POS)

  • Customer relationship management (CRM)

  • Report

  • Cash Management​

  • Staff Management

  • Treatment Management

Price: 3 packages:

  • Free package: US$ 0/ month

  • Growth package: US$ 29/ month

  • Professional package: US$ 59/ month

Review about bePOS

2. Acuity Scheduling - manage appointment online

Salon owners can easily manage their business thanks to Acuity Scheduling. This is mainly used for scheduling consulting meetings, strategy sessions and meetings with customers.

Platform: Mac, Win, Linux

Main features of Acuity

  • Appointment Management

  • Client Management

  • Membership Management

  • Book Spa Online Ability

  • Control your availability 24/7

  • Manage customer channels as soon as they book

Price: 4 packages:

  • Freebie: US$ 0/ month

  • Emerging: US$ 15/ month

  • Growing: US$ 25/ month

  • Perhouse: US$ 50/ month

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3. Shedul - scheduling solution for small to middle-size business

Shedul allows customers to do multiple tasks from any location from calendar management, product management, service management, and a point of sale (POS) system.

Platform: Mac, Win, Linux

Main features of Shedul

  • Schedule Appointments

  • Manage your clients

  • Reduce No-Shows

  • Activity Dashboard

  • Online Bookings

  • Sales & Products

Price: Shedul is free for everyone:

  • No credit card

  • No trial period

  • Unlimited use for free!

Review about Shedul

4. Vagaro - your booking site for salon, spa & fitness

Platform: Mac, Win, Linux

Main features of Vagaro

  • Automated calendar

  • Online booking

  • Customer tracking

  • Report

  • Payment processing

  • Salon inventory

  • Salon marketing

Price: US$ 25/person/month

Review about Vagaro

5. Booker - the web-based appointment scheduling software

Booker provides salon businesses advanced tools, which help them to manage their booking routines, payments, customer interactions, and marketing activities.

Platform: Mac, Win, Linux

Main features of Booker

  • Social media promotions

  • Direct website booking

  • Targeted email marketing campaigns

  • Customized booking pages

  • Facebook booking

  • Mobile & tablet booking

  • Integrated point-of-sale (POS) system

  • Appointment reminder emails

  • Credit card processing

  • Mobile payment processing

  • Staff scheduling

Price: 3 packages

  • Essential: $129/ month

  • Accelerate: $239/ month

  • Ultimate: $349/ month

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6. 10to8 - time-saving salon software

10to8 has recently updated the added value for its customers by providing free automated SMS and email reminders which can effortlessly reduce appointment no-shows tool.

Platform: Mac, Win, Linux

Main features of 10to8

  • Appointment Management

  • Book Spa Online Ability

  • Time-saving with quick scheduling scale

  • Easy payment by PayPal

  • Appointment confirmation with your Google Calendar

  • Client profile in safety

  • Integration with any Wordpress website with a free plugin

  • Online booking through Facebook business page

Price: 5 packages:

  • Small business: Free forever

  • Basic package: US$ $8.8/ month

  • Grow package: US$ 17.6/ month

  • Bigger Business: US$ 35.2/ month

  • Enterprise: demands

Review about 10to8

7. Salon iris - pos system specialized for salon

Salon iris is popular software which can be customized for every business size and trusted by thousands of salons in the world.

Platform: Mac, Win, Linux

Main features of Salon Iris

  • Booth Rental Management

  • Client Profiles

  • Employee Management

  • Inventory Management

  • Loyalty Program

  • Multi-Location

  • Payroll Management

  • Point of Sale (POS)

  • Recurring Appointments

  • Review Of Salon Iris

Price: 5 packages

  • Basic: $29/month

  • Deluxe: $59/month

  • Premier: $109/month

  • Professional: $119/month

Review about Salon Iris

8. Bitrix 24 - free salon management software

Bitrix24 is a 4 million-users free salon management software. Bitrix24 provides cloud, mobile & open source to make daily work smarter with the aim of boosting productivity.

Platform: Mac, Win, Linux

Main features of Bitrix24

  • Manage salon calendar

  • CRM

  • Tasks and Projects management

  • Booking sites builder

  • Inventory management

Price: 4 packages

  • Free: US$ 0 for everyone

  • CRM+: US$ 69/ month

  • Standard: US$ 99/ month

  • Professional: US$ 199/ month

Review about Bitrix24

It must be a tough decision to make on which online salon pos system to choose. However, it is understandable since salon managers are being exposed to too much information.

Choosing right and the qualified scheduling system can be a productive assistant to your salon business that will not make you regret. If not, you are wasting your time and effort.

If you still have trouble finding the most suitable salon booking software, consider the free trial of bePOS to experience. This package integrates cloud-based scheduling system & many other advanced features that worth trying.

Click for FREE TRIAL & increase your profit up to 30%/year

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