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How To Make The Most Effective Salon Marketing Plan

Đã cập nhật: Aug 6, 2019

“If only I could open my own salon and make money from it.” Do you see that sentence familiar?

Starting a salon business is the dream of thousands of people all over the world regardless of genders as it can bring huge profit by being run correctly.

The question is “How to run a salon business properly"?

Many experts have pointed out that, a well-made salon marketing plan can upgrade your salon position to a new level of fame & profession.

Let's check out this post for more information!

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5 Great Value That A Good Salon Marketing Plan Will Bring

1. Increase salon customer service

You may not know that, actually, customer service is one part of market positioning. A lot of salon' competitive edge is based on superior customer service.

Salons, especially hair & beauty salons will invest time and money in training to ensure that their customers receive the best experience making it is much easier to turn them into a long-term customer. By providing superior customer service, salons can effectively compete against other stores.

2. Bring focus to your salon marketing plan

There can be hundreds of dreams & ideas inside your brain. However, how many ideas do you think that they can work in reality?

This surely is a trick question with every salon manager since too many ideas means that you can not only focus on one and how to build it. That's why salon marketing plan was born with the aim of helping you to choose the best idea and its execution among others.

3. Ensure the budgets spent wisely

Marketing budget is limited and you are aware of that more than anyone. In addition, salons always hope to spend the least money to get the best result.

A well-made salon marketing plan can help by reminding you of all the things you need with the exact budget for them which ensures you get the right thing, at the right time & right price.

4. Avoid past mistakes

In the past, you might have made a lot of regretful mistakes because of making the wrong decisions. Luckily, nowadays, you have got the chance to avoid all the mistakes by noting them in your salon marketing plan and actively avoid them. How time-saving it is for you and all of your team!

5. Make sure you focus on the goals

In your salon marketing plan, clear goals should be made to make sure and mark all the milestones you have successfully achieved. Absolutely, you will not want to lose track of the defined path which costs you months to draw out.

11 Tips To Stay Competitive For Your Salon Marketing Plan

1. Evaluate & audit your business

There is a likely chance that you get so excited to create the salon marketing plan 2019 for your business. Nevertheless, wait a minute and look back!

One thing you can never forget to make the perfect plan is to evaluate & audit your salon by 3 factors: salon finance, marketing & plan budget and salon customer care. Make some questions like: “Does my salon website get enough traffic?”, “Is my salon database qualified enough?”. Once you have answered all of them, you can have a brief picture of your salon's value.

2. Make sure to set clear goals for your salon marketing plan

Goals, objectives, targets. You can call them what you will. However, they do need to be SMART (Specific, Meaningful, Achievable, Realistic and Time-limited) to make your business as clear as possible.

Close your eyes and draw a picture of how you would love your hair, or beauty to look, sound & feel. Then, working backward from this will help you a lot to set your goals.

3. Build up strategy for your salon business plan

One important part of your salon marketing plan is the salon brand strategy since it is the shortest way to the heart of the customers.

To build up your business and salon and improve brand strategy, there are three main factors that need your% concentration: services, pricing, and promotional strategy. You can promote your spa by releasing sales or boost promotional campaign such as marketing events.

4. Take good care of budget and resources

Remember to make a precise decision on your overall budget. How much percentage of your turnover spent on marketing depends on how quickly you want to grow your business and which stage of your business life-cycle you’re at. Normally, it will take up about 6 - 8% of your revenue.

Marketing should be regarded as an investment in your salon business, not an expense to minimize as much as possible. Every salon should really make a trademark so that everyone can understand this.

5. An effective salon marketing plan requires precise measurement

Think about what you need to do to check your progress in the upcoming year. Consider delegating tasks to divide the responsibility of all members and set up regular meetings to keep track of the progress.

However, if any marketing execution isn’t getting the good results then don’t be afraid to change it. Indeed, a salon marketing plan needs to be flexible so feel free to re-order your workflow anytime if you see it necessary.

6. You can take advantage of a "joined-up" salon marketing plan

A frequent marketing error made by salon managers is to focus on just one communication channel. Social media is often considered as the only promotional way for salons and they accidentally forget all about the other promotional tools which are still available.

In addition, delivering your marketing message uses a wide range of channels (such as your website, in-salon materials, advertising, PR, local partners & social media). By that, you’ll increase the number of potential customers.

7. It time to execute your salon marketing plan after a long time!

So now, you have gone a long way to design a perfect plan for your salon. It's high time to make all your dream come true with perfect execution.

Keep working hard on your implementation to make your salon the best place it can be. Stick to what you have carefully planned and believe in what you do are the keys to success.

8. Keep following up your marketing calendar

Marketing events should be integrated with relevant events such as Valentine, Woman day, lunar new year and so on. However, you’ll see you have left some space each month to add your own salon’s events in.

Take anniversary and charity events into consideration to make your marketing calendar diverse. Additionally, there may be a local or national award you want to enter? Note it down on your calendar to ensure if you’re going to use.

9. Don't get over-ambitious to avoid unexpected results

It’s easy to get confused by the unexpected events. In this case, keep calm is the only way.

If you attempt too much, the likelihood for you to get it all done will be lower. The more you have to suffer, and it’s very de-motivating for you and your team. Stay realistic and task-oriented is a good suggestion.

10. Bear in mind to make a public declaration

You will want the whole world to know about your salon business and get your salon popular in the competitive industry. That is the perfect time to make a public declaration as a way to PR your salon.

A public declaration must include a specific marketing message and salon promotional activities. You can add some customer reviews to increase the trust level of salon brand.

11. Regardless of anything, just stay on course

You have to face up with tons of conflicting calls on your time since you are running a business. Bear in mind that the hardest thing is to find time to spend on marketing your salon.

Find some key tips & ideas through high-quality marketing magazines, blogs, and online sites. If you don't find it useful, just unsubscribe anytime. Keep reminding yourself to get updated with the newest trend to promote your salon marketing.

Affordable Way To Promote Your Salon Marketing Plan

As we have mentioned, it is estimated that around 6 - 8% of your revenue should be spent on marketing but it is just the average number.

In reality, more money should be spent on outside activities if you would love to ensure the final result of a salon marketing campaign and you may find it really overwhelming?

Don't worry. Here is one solution for you!

Do you hear about the POS system? Generally, it is a smart platform that assists salon managers in running their business in the smoothest way. Among pos systems, bePOS has been rated 5* by thousands of customers thanks to its advanced technology & powerful ability to manage multi-task including booking, inventory, etc for your salon.

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