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5 Fundamental Steps To Start A Hair Business

Đã cập nhật: Jul 20, 2019

With the hair industry booming the way it is, it's obvious why everyone is interested in starting a virgin hair business. Many people dream of having their own hair salon. But most of them have no ideas on how to get started.

Don’t worry!

This article will suggest you the guideline to start your own hair salon. Let’s check it out right now!

Step 1: Write A Hair Salon Business Plan

Why Does A Hair Salon Need To Write A Hair Business Plan?

Preparing a hair salon business plan is an important foundation when you want to start a virgin business. It helps you to have the overall look about the beauty industry, analysis the market you want to focus, analysis your competitors and so on,...

Your virgin hair business plan will help you to concentrate on your strategy, operation process, assign and track responsibilities,... It also will help you to manage money using projections for sales, costs, your expenses, and cash.

A good business plan is a living document that you continuously return to and update as you learn about your customers, sales and marketing practices that work and don’t work, and what you project wrong for your budget forecast and adjust it accordingly.

4 Must-have Things In Your Business Plan

1. Market Analysis - The Important Foundation Of Any Business

A market analysis is a quantitative and qualitative assessment of a market. It looks into the size of the market both in volume and in value, the various customer segments and buying patterns, the competition, and the economic environment in terms of barriers to entry and regulation.

2. Market Entry Analysis - The Supportive Stage To Build A Strong Hair Business

The following step help managers have a better opportunity to research their products and markets. Through analysis, they can deeply understand their products, business orientation of the business, identify the values they provide to customers, ...

In addition, businesses have what looking deeper and more specific about their competitors, finding insight into customers more thoroughly, seeing their strengths and weaknesses, ... Since then, they can make good decisions to build your business quickly in the future.

3. License & Insurance - The Deeper Stage To Build A Strong Hair Salon

License and insurance always are a big problem for hairdressing salon managers. They are aware of the damage that can happen to their businesses such as flood or fire damage to their salon; a brick being thrown through a window; burglary and theft of stock or cash; accidents within the salon such as slips or trips; hairdressing treatments that have gone wrong, ...

Therefore, they attempt to save money by only purchasing liability insurance, rather than the full cover that they need.

4. Marketing Plan - An Essential Stage To Raise Customer Awareness About Your Hair Talon

This step plays a key role in the running process of any business. And managers have to create a suitable marketing plan for their salon business.

A good marketing strategy needs to focus on developing the core values your business provides to customers, meeting the needs of customers, focusing on your customer segment, ... In addition to increasing the effectiveness of marketing strategies, managers need to integrate using online marketing tools to support and maximize efficiency. Using these tools will help managers a lot in promoting images to customers.

Step 2: Find A Hair Vendor

The second step to build a virgin hair business is finding a hair vendor. This is completely important for the business development process. You have to be sure the lines of communication is excellent, their virgin hair is up to par, and their pricing is ideal for you and your virgin hair business.

How To Find A Suitable Hair Vendor For Your Business?

1. Research Carefully Before Making The Important Decision

Instead of finding supplies on Aliexpress, you should find information on google about the origin, quality, customer review of that supplier, ... From there, choose more than one supplier you think suitable for your business model. Filtering so many offers will help you have more choices in finding your provider. So, you can find the provider that best suits you.

2. Ask The Hair Vendor Sample

Ask the vendor to mail you samples of both straight and wavy hair. Sew the hair on yourself or a friend, play around with it, dye it, lighten it, wash it, heat style it. Pay attention to how well it holds up. Samples are a great way to get a sense for the quality. If you're happy with the sample, place a small order to make sure the sample pieces aren't a bait and switch. If the quality is the same as the sample, you will feel more confident in placing a larger order.

3. Choose The Suitable Payment Method

Paypal is the solution for small business in payment. Paypal offers better security to protect customer information when they use a credit card. They also have a dispute resolution process if the hair is significantly not as described. Some countries are behind the curve and newer to the PayPal trend.

Step 3: Set A Budget

So how much does it cost to open a hair salon? It varies depending on the type of salon you want open and the services you will offer. Make sure to create a hair salon financial plan to give yourself a good foundation.

It’s also important to consider how you will budget your operations, your revenue goals, and where your deficits are coming from. The important thing is to keep costs down, and you can do that by:

  • Having a business plan

  • Source used equipment if possible

  • Consider co-sharing a workspace

  • Review your suppliers for inflated expenses

  • Consider bonuses and awards for employees instead of raises

  • Outsource administrative positions like receptionist where possible

Step 4: Brand Your Hair Salon

The Importance Of Branding Your Hair Salon

Branding strategies are an important component of any business' marketing activities, and that is certainly true for beauty salons and spas. In a competitive market, it is important to identify the desired brand image and take steps to cement that image in the minds of consumers through consideration of product, price, place and promotional strategies.

How Can Hair Salon Managers Brand Their Business?

How can brand the hair salon

1. Understand Your Customers Demands

While many business owners believe that they determine their brand, the reality is that customers define the brand based on their interactions and experiences.

Clearly understanding client and non-client needs and desires can help salon owners create experiences that lead to their desired brand image.

For instance, a salon owner who wishes to nurture an upscale image would need to convey this through not only logo, signage and marketing materials, but through how personnel is dressed, the store design and every element of the client experience.

2. Offer A Promotion

Many places of business provide a promotion or discount to their loyal customers. You can try offering a promotion of 50% a haircut if the person opts to get their hair dyed by you as well. Buy business cards that feature a buy-ten-get-one-free promotion.

When the holidays come around, offer a promotion directly related to the holiday. That way, people will have the incentive to keep coming back to you time and again.

3. Use Social Media

Social media is the perfect place for a hair stylist to get more clients. It’s incredibly easy if you formulate a well thought out strategy for social media.

Write a post about frequently asked questions. Shoot a video about what hairstyles look best on people in certain age groups. Post photos of great hairstyles for people with varying face shapes.

4. Set-up An Email Campaign

E-mail is a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to stay in touch with your clients. Even sending an email once a month with your favorite latest hairstyles can help you get more clients. Use email to send them birthday wishes along with a special discount for them to use. This is an easy way to promote goodwill with your clients.

Step 5: Find A Salon Management Software

What Is Salon Management Software?

Salon management software is a solution that helps salon owners and independent styling professionals manage their daily business operations. This system automates a range of tasks including appointment booking and scheduling, secure storage of data, customer interactions, appointment confirmations, inventory tracking, staff management, and implementation of marketing campaigns.

The Features That A Salon Management Software Need

1. Appointment Management.

You can easily book, reschedule, and follow up on appointments on the fly. Top systems allow you to confirm appointments using SMS text messages.

2. Staff Management.

You can track useful employee metrics such as employee availability, employee schedules, and customer satisfaction and retention.

3. Customer Management.

You can capture useful customer data to support targeted marketing campaigns. Includes tools that enable you to segment and categorize customers, track customer spends, and gather customer feedback.

4. Billing & POS Processing.

You can generate bills and process payments using common methods such as cash, e-wallets, and credit and debit cards. Customers can use a POS (point-of-sale) solution to redeem gift coupons.


Being aware of the difficulties managers face in their hair salon operation, bePOS is considered the best solution for managers. Integrating the required features of an enterprise support software such as customer data management, employee management, scheduling management, sales systems, ... bePOS has become a trusted software used in more than 10 countries around the world.

Let bePOS become your effective assistant right now!

Looking for more information about this effective software here!

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