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15 Free Salon Software Highly Recommended For Your Business

Đã cập nhật: Jul 19, 2019

Thousand of owners around the world are using salon software to support their business that could save their resources and make more value.

So if you are a newcomer of the beauty industry or a manager of hair salon, this article is definitely written for you!

We will provide you the most essential information you need to know and 15 free salon software for your salon business.

Keep surfing and figure out what they are!

I. What Is A Salon Software?

Salon software is a system or a tool that helps you to manage your salon in a wide range of daily tasks. It can handle the salon appointment booking, let your customers do their bookings themselves, at any time, from anywhere, on any device.

Moreover, the tool can help you update point-of-sale transactions, staff management, marketing and report checking automatically.

In general, the salon industry is the service industry that you have to make your customers get the best of their experience. That’s where salon software can assist, keep track of customers and prospects that you can improve your services and grow your business.

II. 8 Factors To Determine The Best Salon Software

1. Price

When deciding which salon software to choose, the cost is the first factor that users care about, compared to other software and to the value based on standard features.

2. Online Appointments Booking

The most important aspects of the customer’s experience: Bookings. This often the first perception and contact between customers and your salon, so you should choose the software with simple, professional and attractive appointments booking.

3. Calendar Management

You can check your bookings and availability on the screen at any time that you can reschedule or make any change if necessary.

You can also manage and keep track on employee’s shifts to assures your salon run smoothly and productively.

4. Payment Processing

Integrated payment processing technology allows salon owners to keep all of the customer data in a platform, stay in control with the cash flow, analyze, and then report your business accurately.

5. Inventory Management

Managing inventory, equipment, and stock that you can serve your customer with the most effective use of resources.

6. Ease Of Use

The software should be easy for customers to book their appointment and easy for salon managers to manage all the tasks. No one wants to use complicated software that even makes everything slower.

7. Customer Support

Responsive support center makes the salon software more attractive, especially to new users, new businesses who want to optimize features and grow up their salon.

8. Additional Features

Additional features like text confirmations, automated reminders, marketing campaigns or customer relationship management (CRM) will make the software stand out.

III. Advantages & Disadvantages When Using The Free Salon Software

3 Advantages When Using The Free Salon Software

a. The Best Choice For Users

Free salon software is the best choice for new users that they can use it for a short-time and switch to others at any time if they look for other options.

b. The Basic Features Are Covered

It provides standard features that help salon users to save their time in scheduling and booking.

c. Financial Savings

And the most attractive benefit - financial savings: Avoiding cutting a part of your budget for monthly payments of software is an undeniably attractive option to many business owners.

3 Disadvantages When Using The Free Salon Software

a. Less Advanced The Features

Features provided by free software cannot compete with the powerful features and functionality of paid-for software.

Free salon software is simply a marketing tool which is designed for the purpose of tempting you to upgrade to the full paid version with more advanced features.

b. The Opportunity Costs

The costs may be free in the short-term, but it could ultimately cost your salon time and even money through inefficiency or opportunities lost as a result of limited functionality.


After considering both advantages and disadvantages, if your budget does not allow you to purchase a full paid-off software, bePOS has a free package available with the most essential features that you still lead your business to success.

But whenever your salon grows up and your team member expends, you can upgrade to our advanced packages with the prices is only 60% compared to other paid-off software.

Check it out today and make your salon become the most successful salon ever!

IV. 15 FREE Salon Software Highly Recommended For Your Business

1. bePOS - The Most Favorable Salon Software In Australia

bePOS is a software for salon and spa management which is simple, flexible, and powerful. bePOS helps you deal with every daily task, understand your customers and improve your services. This all-in-one POS solution can boost your business growth up to a 30% rise in sales per year. The support center is also available 24/7 to help you set everything up then you can lead your salon straight to success.

Features Of bePOS

  • Online Booking & Appointment Management

  • Cash Management

  • Basic & Advanced Service Product Management

  • ​Staff Management

  • Treatment Management

  • Inventory Management

  • Discounts & Surcharge Management

  • Cloud-Based

  • Payment of Deposits & Installments

  • CRM

  • Report

Reviews About bePOS

2. Salon Lite - The Lite Cloud-based Software By Premier Software

Salon Lite is a free salon scheduling system that provides a robust and secure scheduling solution for salons around the world. It is a fully optimized cloud-based solution which is quick and easy to set-up within a few minutes.

Features Of Salon Lite

  • Single user

  • SMS from £10 (per 100)

  • Fully featured scheduling system

  • At a glance reporting and dashboard

  • Access data anywhere via a mobile device

  • Email notifications

  • SMS notifications (certain countries)

  • WordPress plugin

  • Cloud-based solution

  • Staff and client management

  • Business value indicator

  • Percentage of free space per column

  • Client import

  • Own your data with Dropbox integration

  • Email support/ knowledge base

Reviews About Salon Lite

3. Smart Scheduling - The Leading Scheduling Software

Smart Scheduling is ideal for hair salons owners that it helps them make managing the business simple and easy such as gain more customers, upsell services, and increase productivity. It is the leading online booking system that is the easiest to use and truly free.

Features Of Smart Scheduling

  • Online bookings: customer can make and change their appointments

  • Drap & drop calendar: manage appointments and see full schedules at a glance.

  • Business management: control employee’s schedules and services.

  • Web-based software: run on any platform, mobile device, tablet or computer.

  • Automatic email and text appointment reminders

Reviews About Smart Scheduling

4. Acuity Scheduling - The Best Scheduling And POS Software

Acuity Scheduling is an easy & user-friendly that helps organize your salon more effectively. It is your online assistant, working 24/7 to fill your schedule, book more customers, get paid on time and gain an instant professional edge as a result.

Features Of Acuity Scheduling

  • Automatic Notifications

  • Automatic Reminders

  • CRM Integration

  • Calendar Management

  • Electronic Payments

  • Email Integration

  • Reporting & Statistics

  • Social Media Integration

  • Third Party Integration

  • Custom Fields

  • Customer Database

  • Customizable Branding

  • Customizable Templates

  • Data Import/Export

Reviews About Acuity Scheduling

5. Set More - The Online Appointment Scheduling System

Lightweight yet loaded with features, Set more’s powerful platform gives you all the essential tools to grow your business.

Features of Set more

  • Appointments

  • Integrations

  • Text Reminders

  • Email Reminders

  • Staff Logins

  • Reviews

  • Online Payments

  • Self-booking

  • Class Booking

  • Website Plugin

  • Recurring Appointments

  • Google Sync

Reviews About Set More

6. Plandok - The Online Software For Beauty Industry

Plandok is the free software that helps you control and manage your hair salon business. It is simple, powerful and flexible.

Features Of Plandok

  • Appointment scheduling

  • Manage your clients

  • Manage your staff

  • Email & SMS reminders

  • Multi-Location

  • Online Booking

  • Automated Scheduling

  • Calendar Sync

Reviews About Plandok

7. Salon Iris - The Powerful And Fast Salon Software

Salon Iris is a powerful yet simple software with solutions and features that meet all the needs of every salon to any size. It is well-known for extraordinary support and award-winning software for salon management competition.

Features Of Salon Iris

  • Appointment Book Management

  • Client history and formula notes

  • Automated appointment reminders and confirmations

  • Powerful iPhone, iPad, and Android apps

  • Targeted automatic e-mail marketing

  • Facebook appointment booking

  • Custom website with online booking

  • Retail and back bar product management

  • Detailed graphical reporting and business dashboard

  • Client loyalty program management

  • Employee commissions and payroll

  • Custom appointment display and color codes

  • Room and resource management

  • Client photo albums and before/after photos

  • Custom gift cards

  • Complete Point-of-Sale (POS)

  • Staff management and scheduling

Reviews About Salon Iris

8. Ubooktoday - The All-in-one Scheduling Software

Ubooktoday is a salon builder company which delivers the best solutions for our client to succeed in the marketplace.

Features Of Ubooktoday

  • Appointment Scheduling

  • Mobile access

  • Email Communications

  • Point of sale

  • Walk-ins

  • Customer profiles and self-check-in

  • Employee management

  • Report Engine

  • Customer database contacts

  • Online listing services

  • Social network profiles

  • Promotion

Reviews About Ubooktoday

9. Connect - The Perfect Solution For Hair Salon

Connect is not simply a software but also a community that encourages and educates salon owners to generate more profits, retain customers and develop a loyal clientele. It also works as a mobile-based app interface available that provides control and easy management of on-demand IT and communications services.

Features Of Connect

  • Functional calendar

  • Easy-to-use online booking

  • Appointment management

  • Automated notifications and reminders

  • Client records

  • Employee profiles

  • Analytics and reports

  • Friendly support

  • On-boarding assistance

Reviews About Connect

10. 7Shifts - The Wonderful Employee Scheduling Software For Salon Business

7shifts is a web-based scheduling tool and mobile app designed entirely for shift workers. You can quickly create schedules and manage your staff availability, shift swaps & time-off requests all in only one central app.

Features Of 7Shifts

  • Manager log book

  • Mobile apps for iPhone and Android devices

  • Weather forecasting

  • Labor cost forecasts

  • Draft schedules

  • Shift trading

  • Shift swapping

  • Scheduling templates

  • SMS & email notifications

  • Multi-location support

  • User permissions

  • Overtime alerts

  • Automatic scheduling

  • Chat and group messaging

  • Advanced reporting

  • Time-off requests

  • Events management

Reviews About 7Shifts

11. Salonist by Shrivra - The Streamline Your Salon Business Activities Easily

Salonist is a management software that helps you automate all of your Salon center tasks including appointment booking, scheduling, and employee management. This salon software is designed to use technology in a very productive and efficient way.

Features Of Salonist

  • Book appointments online

  • Multiple bookings

  • Automated customer grouping

  • Quick interaction with customers

  • Future marketing

  • Reward point management

  • Business marketing

  • Prepaid & Credit payment management

  • Comprehensive reports

  • Inventory management

  • Inventory reporting

  • Salon product management

  • Stock control

  • Provide sales campaign

  • Point-of-sale

  • Employee appointment management

Reviews About Salonist

12. Picktime - The Scheduling Software That Boosts Your Productivity

Picktime is a free online appointment scheduling software for hair salons and other similar service providers, which lets your customers book their appointment in real time. It is a one-stop solution for businesses that need scheduling of any kind.

Features Of Picktime

  • A personalized booking page for your business

  • Automated SMS and email reminders

  • One click book now button for your website

  • Sync with your favorite calendar

  • Multiple Location access

  • Online appointment booking

  • Maintain all your customer details online

  • 24-hour email support

  • Manage staff

Reviews About Picktime

13. Belliata Salon Software - The Free And Fantastic Software For Any Salon

Belliata is a tool that helps salons and spas automate daily tasks like appointment booking, staff scheduling and provides additional POS functionality.

Features Of Belliata

  • Staff scheduling

  • Online booking

  • Appointment reminders

  • Customer tracking

  • Salon Point-of-sale

  • Works on IPAD & MAC

  • Reviews & feedback

  • Easy set-up

  • Reporting

Reviews About Belliata

14. Simple Salon - The Simple Web-based Salon Management Software

Simple Salon is a salon management software widely used for single or multi-location hair salons, beauty salons, and spas, with features for managing online bookings, accounting, marketing, reporting, point-of-sale and more.

Features Of Simple Salon

  • Recurring appointments

  • Equipment management

  • Tablet & smartphone compatible

  • Client account management

  • Staff roster management

  • Staff KPIs

  • Wage reports

  • Integrated payments

  • Accounting management

  • Appointment reminders

  • Calendar management

  • Customer visit history

  • Data visualization

  • Point of sale (POS)

  • Real-time & online bookings

  • Business performance tracking

  • Activity dashboard

  • Social & SMS marketing

  • Gift card management

  • Reporting

Reviews About Simple Salon

15. Miosalon by Waffor Retail Solution - The Fantastic Software For Salons And Spas In All Sizes

MioSalon is an online Salon management Software provides supports on a salon’s daily tasks like bookings, billings, marketing, management, etc.

Features Of Miosalon

  • Booth Rental Management

  • Client Profiles

  • Employee Management

  • Inventory Management

  • Loyalty Program

  • Multi-Location

  • Payroll Management

  • Point of Sale (POS)

  • Recurring Appointments

Reviews About Miosalon


We hope those 15 suggestions and other information we provided are helpful for you.

With a limited budget, we believe bePOS could be your stop decision because of the useful features and reasonable prices.

If you would like to know more about how bePOS could benefit your salon business, click here and you will get the free package or free trial IMMEDIATELY.

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