Everything You Need To Know About Hair Salon Booking Site

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

You're already well versed in the art of hairdressers- but you don't need to master the art of web design to build an online presence either. Here are some helpful tutorials for DIY salon owners to create a stunning website and boost your reservations.

While these words may describe your new hairstyle, we hope that they describe your salon's new website.

Your salon or salon needs a professional online presence to thrive. Getting top local search results and providing customers with a seamless booking experience are two online essentials that are sure to drive your traditional business success. To create a website that achieves these feats and beyond, read on for some important DIY web design tips designed specifically for shop owners.

Should you build your own hair salon website?

Sure! Today, even business owners with absolutely no design or coding skills can create impressive, professional websites with modern DIY web builders.

As long as you follow the tips and guidelines outlined in this article, your salon's website won't offer what a professional design agency can offer your business - and Above all else, you will save thousands of dollars by building your website!

I. How To Build A Hair Salon Booking Site

Ready to get started ?! Here's how you can easily make your own salon website a guarantee of success:

1. Use Website Builder - DIY's Best Friend

There are dozens of website builders that you can choose from to get the job done, but with absolute accessibility, user experience, and reliable design, Wix is ​​the top pick. With at least $ 13 per month for an ad-free website with your own domain name, it might not be the cheapest option, but it offers a lot.

Most importantly, it's the Wix Bookings, which can be a huge time-saver for you. This way, your clients can book appointments online. For example, you can sync it up with Google Calendar, so you'll always be sure you don't allocate it twice. Imagine not having to pick up the phone to ring because your customers have booked online!

If you just want the cheapest possible way to create a website with your own domain name, you should consider Webnode. Their limited plan is only $ 3.95 / month and allows you to use your own domain name. It has all the basic features you need. Please note that it displays a tiny Webnode ad in the footer of your website.

There are also more robust plans that include email addresses or let you create multilingual websites. Unfortunately, there is no online reservation, but below I will show you the external services you can also use on the Webnode site.

If neither Wix nor Webnode is powerful enough, then there is always WordPress. It offers deeper customization and advanced features. It can be a bit oversized for hairdressing or salon purposes and should only be used if you don't mind the technique.

2. Use templates to cut development time

What makes Wix an obvious choice for DIY salon owners is its design library. By taking advantage of a template's pre-made layouts and coded functionality, your development time is dramatically reduced - and without compromising the overall quality of your website.

Wix offers a wide selection of models that are tailored to the salon and hair salon. Using these as your launch points, you can even complete your salon website within one business day. (No more pulling out of frustration!)

Choose the right template!

You want to choose a model that best suits your salon's personality and style. For example, barbershops often display monochrome or muted color palettes, with more spacious designs and industrial fonts. On the other hand, the salon can evoke its more refined nature with its gentle color design and ornate typeface.

There are no hard and fast rules here; Use your best judgment in balancing style with a sophistication not to alienate your target audience.

3. Edit your template

Regardless of which template you choose, of course, there will be some work involved in making it your own, especially with images. The templates are useful as suggestion models for users without a design background, but eventually, they have to be customized to maintain authenticity for your business. With a bit of elbow grease (or mousse), you will get there.

Also, keep in mind that Hair and Beauty is especially an industry focused on looks. Seems important. The aesthetic quality of your website should reflect this fact. Perhaps more so than in other industries, if your website is cumbersome, showy, or outdated, it could risk damaging the authority your salon intends to impart. Customize wisely.

4. Choose a shiny domain name

The website URL plays one of the biggest factors in your business's discoverability. You want to make a careful decision about a domain name that hits search results with the right keywords, conveys the essence of your brand, and, above all, is memorable.

The best domain names are short, easy to read, and immediately understand. For beauty salons, combining your name with the salon can be a good idea (e.g., Teresas-Salon.com) but feel free to get a little more creative.

Google doesn't pay much attention to keyword domains, so don't assume that loading the most searched terms into your domain will automatically bring in more traffic. Instead, try to communicate your brand or service smartly and easily remember while still implying what you do. Example: “LookGoodToday.com” is an appealing phrase that subtly tells a client that you are a salon that delivers workable results.

5. Your email needs a change

Nothing screams more unprofessionalism or discomfort than a personal email address used for work. "Sally@aol.com" does not create a trust for customers. While you may not rely heavily on email correspondence for your hair salon business, it is still a good idea to set up a professional email account. “Help@YourWebsite.com” or “Sally@YourWebsite.com” demonstrate professionalism in customer interactions and reinforce your brand even further.

Fortunately, with Wix, it's easy to set up a personalized inbox. You can add as many custom mailboxes to each staff member for around $ 6 / month per email address. You'll also get access to a full suite of Google Workspace features like video conferencing, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, and 30GB of cloud storage. Now, for no other reason than to take your “UnicornCatcher33@hotmail.com” address and start communicating like a pro!

6. Set up your Google our Business (GMB) listing

Think about it: When you search for a specific service in your area, Google's local listing is often all you need to make an informed decision about the business you pursue.

While a good website is, of course, important, you have to realize that most people's searches begin and end with Google's Local Graph and Map Pack results. It is therefore imperative that your salon appear prominently on the GMB list.

Start by visiting https://google.com/business and fill out your profile. Addresses and phone numbers are obvious but don't forget that including exact business hours can differentiate the customers who choose you from your competitors.

Acquiring customer reviews should be your main priority. Remind your satisfied customers to write positive reviews on your CPC profile or motivate them to do so. Not only will potential customers be 97% more likely to trust your business based on star ratings, but you will appear higher in search results, and as a result, your local SEO will increase.

Google, our Business Listing, is also a good place to put photos of your store's interior. Don't wait for a user to visit your website to take a closer look at your business; Give them everything they need in one place. After they read reviews and then map directions to your salon from their home, giving them a virtual tour of your business goes a long way to building hearts. Believe engagingly and interactively.

Some additional things your website should have

Now that you have a clear understanding of what you need to do, here are a few additional things every salon website should have. Don't forget to add them!

Includes online booking system a mentioned before, this is a big deal. How can you expect to create a business with your website if it doesn't provide a way for people to book appointments?

Once again, Wix comes out with an easy integration of a calendar and scheduling system into your website. Surprisingly rich in features, Wix Bookings allows you to fill up the intervals for various services and employees; it syncs with your Google Calendar for easy organization. Then the system even lets you accept payments escrow online.

If you require more advanced functionality, we recommend using third-party scheduling software like MindBody or Booker, both of which cater to the medical, beauty, and wellness industries. While they come at a premium, customer management, sales reporting, and social media, integrations can be worth the extra cost for your business. Placing these custom booking systems on your website is usually a simple matter of embedding HTML code.

If all these options seem expensive, take a look at these 7 scheduling tools selection. The great thing is many of them offer powerful and suitable free plans for beauty salons.

7. Introduce your team

Often overlooked, your team member profile and headshot can play an important role in connecting personally with customers.

The patrons of the salon tend to form close relationships with their stylists. We gave them personal looks and shared with them details of our personal lives in a 30-minute appointment. Should we not get acquainted with that person before making this commitment?

First impressions go a long way in establishing trust. From a single headshot, we can deduce things like a person's personality, energy, and personality - and determine if that's right for ourselves.

If a client chooses to schedule an appointment with “Kim,” they will have plenty of opportunities without the stylist's biography or photos. Imagine the shock of waiting for a gray-haired, straight-haired grandmother to show up on her date, only to find out that "Kim" kicks a pink mohawk and a tattooed sleeve!

8. Have a Clear Call to Action

Whichever way you approach your website design, keep its primary goal at the forefront of your decision-making process. For hair salons and beauty salons, the goal is almost always to increase bookings.

Wherever possible, make sure that the user experience on your website is geared towards driving this goal. A Call to Action (CTA) factor can help keep your schedule fully booked with subtle dynamics at the right time and place. Always help users schedule appointments clearly and intuitively by embedding the scheduling widget across the entire website, not just on a dedicated booking page.

Social interaction

Just as Google our Business can raise awareness, so can your social presence. In fact, Facebook search results also become more important, if not more, than Google's results for many users to interact with small businesses. Your salon's Facebook page should once again include all the important information (business hours, reviews, service listings) found in your CPC profile, but with the bonus of delivering. Follow up regularly and directly with your followers.

Social media is a great way to inform deals or reveal more insight into your business's people. Also, what better platform for introducing an ever-updated portfolio on Instagram? Just don't feel like you have to spend all your energy trying to keep up with every social media platform. You'll see better results when focusing on a platform you're most happy to update.

Showstopping Photos

Finally, consider investing in the service of a professional photographer to document your salon's beautiful achievements. If your budget is limited, you can even take some very nice pictures yourself with your regular smartphone.

For a client arguing between two salons, perhaps nothing better informs her decision than seeing the actual work a salon offers. After all, the proof is in the pudding. Displaying well-lit, vivid pictures of happy customers on your website will inspire customers to click the "Book Now!" there is no lag. (Before and after photos are an old selling trick that works great!)

While the aforementioned Wix models can include stunning images in their designs, it's best not to rely on stock photos for an authentic presentation of your business. When the photos are so perfect and clean and bland and generic, their true origins become clear. Then the user wonders what exactly the service provider is hiding. Show the truth if you want to establish trust.

However, a word of caution: the images on your homepage, especially in the heroes section, should be visually striking enough to create the desired effect and arouse confidence. If you lack the means to get a high-quality photo, it's best to do it completely. Remember the weight of the first impression.

You may find that building your own salon or hair site is actually a relatively simple process that requires little or no coding or design skills. Using templates will save you loads of time and frustration, while different plugins and widgets can keep your online presence fully functional and ready to generate sales quick sales.

Our recommendation is to try Wix. Since there are free plans and a money-back guarantee for premium plans, it doesn't cost much.

By following the principles above, you'll have a business that produces not only trendy and trendy hairstyles but also a business with an eye-catching website.

II. Hair Salon Booking Site With These Scripting Features Is A Giant HIT

The on-demand economy has opened up pathways for new business models. The portals of spa & salon exploration are among the few leading businesses that have yet to meet existing demand. Very few businesses connect spa and salon services with online end customers, generating good revenue. Their website plays an important role in the successful spa & salon search/booking business.

FATbit analysts are aware of this business model and see enormous potential. The team has analyzed the revenue model, essential website features, and considerations for entrepreneurs who are about to start this work. The points ahead will help you visualize the perfect scenario needed to build a successful online spa/salon booking website. First, let's quickly learn some common facts about the industry.

What makes a spa & salon booking & booking website in high demand?

Getting an appointment at a local spa/salon turned out to be a hassle most of the time. Either you don't have priority time, or you have to sit in the waiting area. Sometimes, there are better deals at other beauty salons, but most consumers still don't know about them and tend to waste time sitting in a busy and expensive salon. Online spa and salon booking websites are the best possible solution to get rid of such troubles. It offers free finding and booking appointments with beauty salons and spas and proves to be beneficial for both clients and businesses since one person enjoys the convenience and the second gets a lot of steps. . Here are details on how online spa/salon booking sites make money and how their business model is.

Business model & revenue

These days, online appointment booking websites are becoming the rage. Websites like Ziffi and Vbooky have named themselves in the online spa and salon booking industry. These sites focus on the health and wellness segments, while Zomato and BookMyShow are in the restaurant and entertainment sectors. Aggregates of spas and beauty salons provide all the information about a particular business to consumers at the touch of a button. They also schedule a walk in the park so that consumers don't waste time. This is a win-win situation for both consumers and businesses. Platforms can generate revenue in the following ways:

  • Uses a subscription manual model in which it charges subscription fees from businesses

  • With the affiliate model where the platform gets money for each proposal

  • Adopt a commission-based model where the platform charges a service fee per transaction.

What do the statistics say about online appointment business?

Right now, over three million consumers are part of the tech adoption cycle in India. This figure is expected to reach nearly 100 million in the next 5 years. The business model is based on convenience, reasonable price, and good service, so it is highly sustainable.

The top players in the market

  • Ziffi.com

  • Vbooky.com

  • Styleseat.com

  • Bookmyspa.in

Site functionality

Now that we have looked at the business model, market dynamics, and the main competitors in the field, let's look at the key website features needed to build a website: spa rooms and online beauty salons. Most service-based e-commerce websites follow a common website theme. When it comes to online salon booking websites, the focus should be on ease of finding and booking appointments.

The following are the key scenario features for the entrepreneur looking to start an online spa/beauty salon corporation:

Home page

The unavoidable thing for every online salon booking market is that their customers are special about style and beauty. This is why the website should have a clear emphasis on user interface and provide a more luxurious user experience. The following ingredients are of primary importance to the homepage of every online salon aggregator site:

  • The banner image and tagline should clearly state the content of the web page.

  • Custom search box with location picker

  • The "how it works" section shows the website's overall functionality to consumers and business owners.

  • List all categories right on the home page for easier navigation.

The footer area should be minimal in addition to the above, with links to content pages, social media profiles, and other offered services.

Outstanding business

Studies show that coming up with metrics that show your dominance in a given market definitely makes a difference, especially in the e-commerce sector. The same can be said for the spa and salon booking market as it has to state metrics like the number of businesses, users, and bookings per minute. There may also be featured businesses shown in this section to increase their presence.

City selector

When it comes to any search aggregator, placement is critical. The search system of online spa and salon booking websites should have this feature as it makes it easier for consumers to find a suitable business closer to their intended area.

Login-Registration Process

For any e-commerce website, the key-hold registration process allows the visitor to become a registered user. This is why the sign-up process has to be thoroughly tested to ensure easy sign-in / registration. Furthermore, the platform must differentiate between the corporate login process as well as the consumer. Don't make a clone of existing forms but come up with something that attracts attention and looks simple.

Instead of having a dedicated page for registration/login, you can use a pop-up approach, which is very user friendly. Alternatively, you can also incorporate social login through Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. Also, keep the registration form to the minimum possible. Certainly, you will not want to see users switch to other sites due to the lengthy, time-consuming user registration process. FATbit analysts emphasize this approach's value while searching for the online spa/salon booking site scenario.

The categories are clearly defined.

As discussed earlier, online spa and salon booking websites should have clearly defined categories, making it easy for consumers to find related services. For example, if a person were looking for a barber or body massage, they would be able to go into that particular category without going through a list of all service providers.

Search function

As discussed, the search function is at the heart of the online spa and salon synthesis tool. The search must not only be placed prominently on the homepage but should also provide solid functionality. Today autocomplete needed to make searching faster. Furthermore, consumers must have the option to streamline search by choosing relevant categories as well as placements.

Search list

Beauty salon search results must be displayed with filtering options so that customers can rule out all irrelevant results. This can be based on:

  • Price

  • Location

  • Availability of online booking

  • Gender preference

  • Ranking

  • Map view

Another nifty feature could be the dynamic map view in the side panel updated with business location markers as the user selects or hover over the listed results.

Beauty/spa profile page

The Spa / Salon page or the business profile page should be designed to provide all the important information without clogging the page. The profile page should be finely designed with all relevant information such as photos and videos, location information, services offered, available calendar information, a brief overview, and a list of reviews shared by previous consumers. Clone scripts are most likely missing one or the other, so make sure you've added the following components to your business page if you're about to purchase spa & salon portal scripts:

  • Complete address and contact information

  • Services provided

  • A brief overview of the business

  • Social network profiles

  • Photos and videos of their past work as well as their founding history

  • Business hours

  • Location in map view

  • Reviews/testimonials from previous customers

  • Appointment tab

  • Make an appointment

Rather than just a general salon/spa search engine, having online booking features built right into the platform is sure to give any website an edge over the competition. . According to analysts at FATbit, this approach needs to be highly effective narrows the gap between two entities. The reservation tab must contain the following information:

  • Type of service required.

  • Day

  • Time

  • The checkout process is subject to this process, where the customer needs to provide their credit details and complete the order.

Reviews / testimonials

There is no denying that most first-time e-commerce users rely on user reviews and testimonials while making decisions. This is why the online spa and salon reservation market must include this option to allow customers to rate and post reviews about the business. FATbit analysts believe this feature is a must for an online salon aggregator.

Manage account/dashboard

The control panel is often considered the control center of any platform. This is the section where the user can get all the information related to his or her account. This information helps users to manage their accounts more effectively. FATbit analysts believe that the dashboard design of a spa and salon website must include the following:

  • Reservations

  • Edit profile

  • Recommendations

  • Payment history

  • Reward / referral program

One of the most innovative ways e-commerce sites optimizes user adoption of their platform is rewards and referral programs. Allowing users to invite their friends to join the site, and in return, they offer bonus points, which can be used to pay for future appointments, is a well-thought-out strategy.

Mobile application

In today's market dynamics, having a website optimized for mobile devices or, more importantly, a native mobile app has become essential. Websites like Ziffi and StyleSeat have already launched their respective mobile apps on the app store. One important aspect of these native apps is that they adhere to the same design themes as a desktop website for an identical user experience. It helps to bring optimal user experience for users.

How to scale your online health/beauty care business?

  • Add new categories: Add new categories like Ayurveda, yoga, laser, hydrotherapy, nutrition counseling, meditation, and more will prove a good scaling option.

  • Selling health/beauty products online: Gain a competitive edge over your competition by adding an online store to sell beauty products.

  • Enter a new geographic market: To generate more revenue and improve your business reach, enter a new geographic market.

  • Start a subscription box business: Integrate your existing business with the subscription box business and start shipping a monthly box of beauty products to your clients for a flat subscription fee.

  • Provide home beauty services: Build your own team of beauty specialists and start providing on-site beauty services to your clients.

  • Exclusive offline launches for health care and beauty products: Once your brand has a foothold in the market, set up an offline store. Firms can also earn from the franchisee model.

As discussed, a salon booking website has to present itself more luxuriously. The salon booking site's USP is bookability, and you must incorporate this into your site's design. Make sure you take into account all the points suggested by the FATbit analysis. The fact remains that such business models are location-dependent; therefore, any new startup with cutting-edge features will easily capture market share. If you are one of the entrepreneurs looking to get into the field, you have to hire a professional UI / UX team to do all the recommendations we make in the spa booking and review website scenario Salons. If there are any additional requirements, you can definitely consult our experienced design & development team to launch a similar marketplace.

III. 8 Smart Ideas To Make Your Hair Salon Booking Site A Magnifier Appointment Scheduling

Most, if not all, small business entrepreneurs understand the value of having an online presence, with many salon and barber owners devoting resources and time to building a dedicated website to promote their services.

However, having a website simply isn't enough. If a potential customer visits your website and can't easily find the information they're looking for, you need to take the action of a reservation elsewhere. It was a job failure!

To avoid losing leads, there are 8 basic rules that every small business that offers hair, beauty, wellness, or personal services must follow to ensure maximum bookings year-round.

1. Book Online Now Button

Can customers order your barbershop or barbershop in real-time… on your website? If the answer to this question is no, you need to take action to set it up ASAP.

By 2020, Genbook processed more than 13 million reservations and realized that the website was the primary marketing channel for barber and barbershop owners. Research shows that customers are twice as likely to order a service from a website if they have a booking button now.

Adding a "book now" button while creating a website may seem simple, but many entrepreneurs miss out on pre-booking without real-time reservation options. Manly & Sons - a famous barbershop in LA, is a prime example of a business using the book now button on their website effectively.

The business operates from multiple locations. The reservation button is right on their barbershop website, making it easy for their customers to select and schedule appointments with ease depending on where they want to shave or haircuts.

Providing your new or existing customers with instant and convenient booking capabilities is an essential part of any small business website. The scheduling solution makes it possible to check your staff's availability and/or staff for a specific date and time.

With Genbook, adding a 'book now' button to your small business website is easy and can be done in less than 10 minutes!

2. Mobile device compatibility and responsiveness

According to Statista, when it comes to local search, personal care is the fifth most searched category among US smartphone users.

Your current and prospective clients are always wary of "barbershop near me" or "barbershop near me." There is a great chance that such queries will bring them to your website.

But imagine if the website isn't optimized for mobile and responsive? As mobile online use becomes ubiquitous, small business websites must be mobile compliant and responsive, especially when data shows 82% of visits. Online booking is made via a mobile device.

If you have a barbershop/barbershop website, you can generate more reservations and convert leads into paying customers by:

Create a website that automatically adjusts based on smartphone or tablet size (optimized/responsive for mobile devices), such as the one below:

  • Web optimized

  • Cleverly put information like the ‘Set Now’ button in places that are easily found and clickable on your website

  • Add a link to a map or get directions on your website

  • Make sure your complete mobile responsive online experience from research to your booking page.

3. Instant pricing and availability

Many small business websites really turn their customers away because the price list for services on their website is higher than the price at their spa, salon, or store, or they don't have any service menu.

Some of the reasons for this may be that the small business website's booking solution does not integrate with the system that only manages all online booking resources and/or business websites. There is a "booking request form."

With limited resources and only certain hours of the day, it is almost impossible to maintain all availability, staff availability manually, and contact information if you advertise on multiple booking sources like Google, Facebook, or Instagram. This is where smart barbers and barbershop owners will integrate their website into an all-in-one system to manage their availability on their sources.

4. Site quality and user experience

Today, your website takes up the bulk of your storage space as well as your actual location. User experience is everything. A well-designed website can describe the standards and even the values ​​of your business.

This doesn't necessarily start or end the way you designed your website. It also expands to web content, such as photos and videos.

Organic Tanning, a Winnipeg-based tanning salon, and a Genbook user appear to be following this advice. The company's website has a well-laid out top header menu, beautiful pictures, a detailed description of their service, FAQs, and booking information - everything their customers need to Give a decision.

It's a smart idea if you invest in a quality photographer to take pictures of your spa, salon, or storefront, yourself, and your staff performing the service.

Some specific points you can use to improve your website from a user experience perspective:

Make your navigation simple.

If a user wants to navigate to other major pages on your site, make it easy and clear the navigation options.

Add the best information to the first screen.

Put all the best elements of your website, including the book now button, at the top of the page so that customers are motivated to book appointments in the first place.

5. Security, Privacy, and Confidence

Savvy customers are becoming warier of Internet security, especially when it comes to using their credit cards; a large percentage will not follow the reservation process.

Consumers today expect you to have the right technology on your website as it builds credibility for your website and your business. Integration with a smart and simple online solution offering a booking website that complies with these security standards will overcome those goals.

6. Guide customers to the booking process

Many barbers/barber shops or small business websites do not tell customers how to actually book a reservation. This is a basic principle of effective eCommerce and must be considered.

There are several ways you can show potential customers how to create a reservation. One way is to ensure your scheduling website is a simple booking process. Customers can choose their service, preferred service provider, and the time available with ease.

7. Build trust

Trust is one of the most important factors for booking a service; research shows that 61% of consumers won't buy a service if they haven't read a review.

Our biggest tip? Add an online review to your website and booking page. Make sure your reviews are recent, too, as consumers don't trust reviews older than 3 months.

An all-in-one booking and management solution like Genbook automates the collection of online reviews and seamlessly integrates them into Google and your booking page.

8. Monitor and tune your website

Why not test your booking page's effectiveness by having a few friends and professional contacts make a reservation on your website. If this friend can easily book a room without asking you questions, then you know that your booking solution is straightforward to use and that your chances of making a reservation online are now significantly higher.

Track your website traffic on the backside using analytics tools like Google Analytics to see where your potential customers have trouble or ‘bounce off’ of your site. Adjust pages with better content, easier navigation, and the 'Set Now' or ‘Appointment’ buttons will clearly decrease your bounce rate.

Make your website a booking magnet by picking up the tips above and increasing your chances of maximizing time and revenue. As a result, you will maximize your website and booking software; The most important tool for online booking today.

V. 5 Best Website Builders For Hair Salons n 2020

While there are plenty of easy-to-use website builders out there, not all of them have the right tools to help you showcase your salon at its best.

You may want the photo galleries to show you pictures of your work. You may also want an online contact form or a booking tool to organize your calendars and manage your guests, as well as a map feature to make it easy for your website visitors to identify and locate your salon.

If you choose the wrong website builder, you will likely waste a lot of time and money rebuilding your website from scratch. But if you get it right, you can build your new website quickly and easily, and it could become one of your most valuable marketing tools.

We tested dozens of website builders that take note of salon websites and found that these five tools are the best for building a professional, high-quality salon website.

1. Wix - Pattern created especially for hair and beauty salons

Wix is ​​easy to use, with a drag-and-drop editor that makes it easy to swap out and organize photos of your customers' gorgeous looks season by season. There are over 500 models, and there are even some designed specifically for hair salons and beauty salons.

Once you've chosen a template, it's completely customizable. It adds elements you want, such as the contact page so customers can easily contact you and Wix Bookings so they can schedule meetings and online appointments. Wix SEO Wiz can help you develop an SEO strategy so that potential customers more easily found your website on Google and other search engines.

Wix's free plan comes with 500 MB of storage and bandwidth, but you'll have trouble with the Wix subdomain (i.e., yourite.wix.com) and the Wix branding on your website. Upgrading to a paid plan will remove the branding and give you access to additional features, and you can connect your own domain name.

Wix offers more templates than any other website builder out of the market, with over 500 templates to choose from in dozens of sub-categories that extend business, eCommerce, creative website, and more.

You don't even have to choose a template from the category that best suits your website - since they're so customizable, you can choose a template from any of the categories and modify it to suit your needs and demand. So whether your website is for a travel agency that offers private accommodation for pets or a cooking blog for people with a knack for burning water, Wix can handle it.

If none of the templates match your vision, you have the option of starting from a completely blank template and building exactly what you want from scratch. And when I say exactly what you want, I mean - many builders will force you to place elements on a given grid. Still, in the Wix editor, you can literally put any element in the correct direction wherever you want.

You can then adjust the element shape and size down to pixels. Each element has its own custom menu that offers lots of ways to add your uniqueness, and it sometimes suggests things I haven't even thought of, like animation or scrolling effects.

Unlike many other website builders, all Wix templates all look different: you won't find an endless repetition of the same basic layout with slightly different colors and images. With so much variety to start with and the ability to customize whatever you want, you can create a unique website.

I really like Wix templates because many of them come bundled with apps that you might need pre-installed. For example, most restaurant models come with Wix Restaurant Menus and Wix Bookings apps pre-installed so you can start using them right away, and photography websites will have Wix Pro Gallery. or other image-related features.

This makes your website building experience much smoother, as you don't have to waste time searching for the apps you need. Instead, you can spend that time indulging in burrito carnitas and watching the 15th Park and Amusement Park (or whatever you do in your spare time).

Wix models have a few drawbacks. While each device has a mobile-friendly version, the designs are not mobile-responsive, and they won't automatically adapt to the smaller screen. This means that if you make significant changes to your layout, you may need to edit your mobile view separately to ensure your content is still viable, readable, and looks good.

Once you've chosen a template, you won't be able to convert it, so you need to be sure of your options before going too far in customizing your site.

While these may seem like unnecessary limitations, they are really the secret to how much flexibility you get when designing your Wix website. The more freedom you have to create your own layouts, the harder it is to convert those changes to a mobile website or a new template. Other builders limit your customization options so they can provide you with a responsive design on a mobile device or the option to change templates without losing your work, but Wix sets the bar high. more into complete design freedom. (In my opinion, the right choice.)

While you can't change your template without starting all over again, there's a bright side - since Wix templates are so customizable, you can change your layout to make it look completely different.

2. SITE123 - Free stock photos for your website

If you are completely new to website design, don't worry - SITE123 is made for beginners.

While SITE123 doesn't have templates designed specifically for beauty services, the website editor makes it easy to update any template with your own content. If you don't have any client photos yet, SITE123's image gallery has hundreds of free, high-quality images that you can use.

You can use the Appointment tool to schedule your business hours and allow customers to schedule appointments online. SITE123's SEO tools will help your website rank higher in search engine results, meaning it will be more likely to show up when searching for beauty services in the area.

SITE123's free plan offers 500 MB of storage, 1 GB of bandwidth, and custom base templates. You will have the SITE123 subdomain and the SITE123 brand on your website. If you want to connect your own domain, you can upgrade to one of SITE123's more affordable plans. The paid plans also give you access to more website customization options.

SITE123 offers more than 180 website templates. You can scroll through the Main Template page until you find a template you like, or you can click on one of ten recommended template categories, such as Business, Blog, Event, Restaurant, or Online Store.

As you browse through the templates, you will see simulations of how each will look on both the computer screen and the handheld device. By clicking on any template, you can preview its working version in both formats.

To unlock the coolest customization options and extra features, you'll have to upgrade to a paid plan. That's annoying, but overall, this pricing system seems pretty fair to me.

Here's a major plus: All models are mobile-responsive, so you won't have to do extra work to make your website look good on a smartphone or tablet.

3. Squarespace - Image gallery to highlight your best work

Squarespace has more than 60 beautifully designed website templates, some of which are specifically created for wellness and beauty services.

There are helpful SEO tools to help you reach more potential customers. Squarespace also provides great website analytics metrics to track your website visitors, see where they are coming from and make simple adjustments to get your site noticed. Get more traffic.

Gallery Blocks is a nice feature that lets you show off your work photos, and you can also use the Acuity Scheduling feature to let your customers book appointments online. It will even send them automatic reminders ahead of upcoming appointments.

Squarespace doesn't have a free plan but has a 14-day free trial.

Squarespace works more or less as you would expect. You can choose from over 60 preset designs, customize them to your liking, and start from there. These preset designs meet the needs of most major industries in 14 categories ranging from blogging to weddings. Yes, I wish I could say "from A to Z," but they don't have any categories that begin with either letter.

You can just pick one template and go, and if you change your mind, you can change the design at any time. Exactly you can't just switch to a new preset, but you can dramatically change your settings if you want. These preset designs are mobile-responsive, and they're designed to fit every need you might have.

They tend to have some sort of Apple-style minimalism - but then so does the whole platform. That minimalism is the "thing" of Squarespace.

But if you don't find a template that matches what you're looking for, don't worry. You are not limited to default Squarespace designs. You can either customize them all or hire someone to do it for you. You can also have a highly customized version of the template created for you to use Squarespace's developer platform. You will just have to pay for it.

Now let's go a little deeper. Technically, Squarespace has only one "template." Well, you could call it the "paradigm."

Nerd time!

In the old days, Squarespace was like any other website builder. Many different website templates are supposed to meet every need you can think of. Technically, each pattern is a separate pile of code.

For Squarespace, that means updating each template whenever a new feature comes out on their platform. For the user, that means some models are much more flexible and customizable than others, and they all have limitations. If you want to build a highly specialized website, that's fine. If you want to expand that site, there are potential complications.

Import Squarespace version 7.1. All patterns are really just variations on the same template - the same big pile of code. This frame is designed to be flexible and highly modular, so you can build almost any type of layout you want and use whatever colors and fonts you want - the whole thing.

For developers at Squarespace, this means their entire platform is easier to work with. For you, as a user, this means that you can actually change the entire look of your website in just a few clicks. The changes can be as radical or sophisticated as you want, and you won't lose all of your content.

4. WordPress.com - Fully customizable templates and add-ons to choose from

The WordPress.com editor is a bit more complicated than the other builders on this list, but in return, it gives you more control over your website. It offers hundreds of customizable templates. While it doesn't have any special designs for beauty businesses, you can personalize the template of your choice to suit your needs. If you want to use a third-party template from the market like ThemeForest or integrate any third-party plugins, you will have to upgrade to the Business Plan.

You can use the built-in Forms block to allow potential customers to contact you if they have any questions about your service. You can also include a Contact Information widget and enable map settings, so your website visitors will know where your shop is. If you have any questions, having a knowledge base of articles and video tutorials will help you.

WordPress.com's free plan includes 3 GB of storage, which is more than most other website builders' free plans. You will have your WordPress.com subdomain and branding on your website, but you can easily get rid of these by upgrading to a premium plan.

WordPress.com is a paid service where you can load a WordPress website without manually setting because administering a server, or doing any other technical tools.

While we might call WordPress.com the "website builder" - and it can be used as one - it's not.

It is still an old CMS. As such, it comes with a level of robustness and flexibility that Wix and other traditional website builders can never achieve. However, for this review, the Permissions required it to be called the “website builder.” (I should have joined the Illuminati. They are more traditional, and they call it CMS.)

WordPress.com is a massive installation of WordPress Multisite, a WordPress version that allows you to run (you guessed it!) Multiple websites on one software installation. It has been modified to monetize and make it easier for new users to create their own website.

When WordPress.com launched in 2005, this was probably the best way to set up and run a free blog with minimal fuss. Since then, WordPress as a CMS has evolved. It is now used to build every type of website you can imagine, including innocent parent blogs, complex e-commerce sites, Social media is complex and even the darkest and most horrifying parts of the dark web (I suppose).

Hence, WordPress.com, essentially the same software, can be used for any website type.

Combining the numbers for both WordPress.org and WordPress.com, you will find that this software runs over a third of the internet! Let that sink in; why don't you? (And if you want to know about the other 2/3 of the Internet, it is run by Joomla, Drupal, and cat image.)

You can use WordPress (any version) to build a small, five-page promotional site with an add-on store. Theoretically, you could also use it to build the next Facebook. I mean, I won't; there are better options for that particular example, but that's the amount of content it can handle if you get it right.

5. Weebly - Mobile responsive theme and useful app

Weebly has seven categories of mobile responsive themes to choose from. No website is made specifically for salon websites, but you can use a simple drag and drop editor to customize your chosen template. There's also an interactive step-by-step guide you can follow when creating your website and plenty of support articles to answer any other questions you might have.

The Call Out Box app is useful if you want to highlight testimonials from your customers, and there are several different apps for online booking. Weebly's photo galleries provide a good place to display photos of the work you've done for your existing clients.

Weebly's free plan comes with 500 MB of storage, subdomain, and brand name Weebly. If you want to connect your own domain and de-brand, you can easily upgrade to a premium plan whenever you're ready.

Weebly's sample library is smaller, with around 50 topics (Weebly's term for templates) falling under several different categories, including websites, personal and business portfolios, and online stores. Personal categories and blogs have more topics than business-related categories, but whatever you need, you'll find some solid options.

Weebly lacks the number of themes it makes up for in quality - these aren't just the same layout that gets recycled dozens of times. You will find unique themes in different styles, and for different purposes, so chances are you will find the right theme for your website.

You can use these themes on e-commerce and classic website editors, both of which allow basic customization. That said, you can customize a little more in the classic Weebly builder, with more options for colors and fonts. All themes are mobile compatible, so you don't need to worry about how your website will look on smartphones or other smaller screens.

If the Weebly option doesn't quite have what you need, you can also purchase a theme on third-party platforms like ThemeForest (read our expert review) and Webfire Themes. Some supportive reviews and comments claim these require more technical knowledge, so keep that in mind if you choose this route.

V. 55 Best Hair Salon Booking Sites Examples

Are you looking for examples of beauty & hair salon websites?

Then you landed in the right place.

In this article, we have summarized some examples of the best salon website out there. It includes hair salon websites, beauty salon websites, barbershop websites, nail salon websites, and spam websites.

We also hosted a free video-based course on how to create a salon website. In this course, we walk you through the exact steps you need to take to create a beautiful salon website while also allowing you to start selling services, gift cards, and products online.

Take the top beauty salon website design ideas on this page as inspiration for your beauty business.

It is time now.

Come to the list of beauty salon website examples.

That's a pretty long list.

So we recommend that you save it to your Pinterest board along with sites you like so you can come back to it later.

1. Fringe Hair Salon Website

There are many reasons why Fringe salon is one of the top hair salon websites right now. But let’s focus on the most important learnings you should take with you today:

  • Intuitive home page design: You immediately get that the website you’ve landed on is about hair and hair treatments. They’re also using an image from the salon itself, which then introduces the salon in a natural way to visitors.

  • Book Now button on the home page: Website visitors are immediately presented with the call-to-action to book an appointment now that integrates with their salon booking system (which is ultimately what you want your visitor to do).

Fringe’s website really ticks all boxes of what a good hair salon website should have. The address and contact details are clearly visible with a simple scroll. You’ll also see that they call out all magazines where their salon has been featured. This is a great way to build confidence with new website visitors that this is a trustworthy website.

2. Ama Nail Salon Website

Ama has one of the best nail salon websites I’ve seen. They use a visual design layout without much text, which truly engages visitors as you land on the site.

Our main takeaway from Ama’s website is the consistent execution of their salon brand – online and offline. Visiting their website is almost like walking into the salon. In fact, they use many welcoming images taken inside the salon combined with artistic images that you’ll also find on the walls inside the salon. You’re truly immersing yourself in Ama’s salon experience just by visiting their website.

Being consistent in your online and offline visual execution is important. You want visitors to your website to immediately recognize your salon the next time they walk by on the street. It also helps create a consistent experience for you, which builds a stronger connection between you and your salon clients.

The website shown below is not an example from another salon. It’s a free website template created by Wix that you can take and customize for your website.

Wix is the most popular website builder on the web. It’s easy to use (no technical skills needed), and it comes with several stunning, ready-made design templates for hair salons, nail salons, and beauty salons (like the below example). It also has all the features needed for a salon website.

On top of that, it’s free to start using.

Hair salon website design ideas is a functional and professional salon design. Try it out for free at Wix to see if you can make it work for your salon. You’ll also find a lot of other design options as well.

3. Groom Service Hairdresser Website

As you land on the Groom Service’s website, you immediately understand what they are about. You also presented all the most important information in perfect priority order: book now, social media buttons, menu for more information.

It’s truly a school book example of what a good hair salon website should consist of. However, what you can learn specifically from Groom Service is their use of content.

Most good salon websites include the basic information a client needs to book an appointment. This is already a good start. In fact, many salon’s miss that, and you need to spend time just to figure out how to get an appointment booked.

However, Groom Service is taking content to the next level and includes more in-depth content about their key services. For example, they’ll have a dedicated page for bridal services as well as a section on cruelty-free brands.

Having more in-depth content is not only good for website visitors who want to learn more about your offer, but it will also help Google and other search engines better understand what your salon is about. This will help your salon show up higher in Google’s search results when people look for the type of service you’re describing, which can win you many new clients in the long run.

The website is built using WordPress website builder.

4. Fabio Doti Hairdresser Website

The Fabio Doti website manages something many hair salon websites struggle with.

They’re clearly a premium hair salon, playing a luxury position in New York’s financial district. But despite that, they’ve been able to give their website a very personal and welcoming touch. If you have a luxury salon, you can learn a few things here. Striking the right balance between being luxurious and, at the same time, approachable is a fine line to walk.

The website is designed using luxurious images and language. But two things make the salon approachable and welcoming for clients:

Well-integrated social media: As you scroll down, you’re exposed to their social feed, where you get a more personal view of what’s happening in the salon. This helps clients get to know them better without yet having visited the salon. On top, they link out to all places where they have a presence, including Yelp and Foursquare, where you can read what others think about the salon.

Detailed and visual staff page: Each staff member have their picture together with a person's story and resume posted on the website, another great way to allow the new visitor to get to know the salon better.

Having a content strategy for your different platforms on the web is a smart way to manage this. Although you need to ensure brand consistency, you can allow your website to use more luxury cues while your social profile can be more open and personal.

5. Cuts and Bruises Barbershop Website

I just had to include a barbershop in the top salon websites list, and Cuts a Bruises is a great barbershop website example. Simple, intuitive, and easy to navigate website.

What we can learn from Cuts & Bruises is how they integrate rich content on the website. Right on the home page, you’re presented with videos that allow visitors to immerse themselves in the salon.

They’re also integrating their social feed (with great imagery) so that potential new clients get a view of what they can expect in the salon.

The website was created using the Wix website builder.

Here’s another website that isn’t a live example but a design template that you can grab for your salon.

This one was created with Wix, so it’s easy to use and free.

It comes with all the features you need – like the book now button, social sharing, and stunning nail visuals.

The pastel color scheme is really nice on these. And you can, of course, customize all the design elements in the Wix editor.

7. Butchers Eco Salon Website

All information in one, this website design using WordPress is right for a brand that is looking to convey its story in one go. You can find the menu bar with every important detail – from Service Menu to Book an appointment and more. The social media icons on the top right corner help you check their social media galleries in a click.

8. Salon Sloane Wix Website

Sharp, unfussy, and elegant, the Salon Sloane website design is made using Wix and is an inspiration for those looking to create a distinct impression. The salon packages' prices to trending styles are all mentioned on the homepage to take a look at. You can also check the Appointment and Contact info right at the corner of the page, making it easier for the customer to quickly book a service.

9. Taylor Taylor London Salon Website

This WordPress designed site exudes simplicity and richness in one go. The Taylor Taylor London logo on the homepage is minimalistic, whereas the “Book Now” tab on the top-right corner of the page helps you book an appointment with just a click. So, if you are looking for something simple, clean, and to-the-point, this website design is right for you.

10. Mèche Salon Website

As exotic as the salon can get, the Mèche’s website flaunts exclusivity and is made using WordPress. The video on the homepage offers a view of the salon and about their services. The Book, an Appointment tab on the site, is easy to locate and helps users book immediately, without any hassle.

11. Nicola Clarke at John Frieda Salon Website Design

The Nicola Clarke at John Frieda website is built using Wix and exudes elegance and to-the-point information. The homepage has all the info you need – right from The Team to Services and Store location. If you are looking to create a first big impression on your customers, this site design is right.

12. Blue Tit Salon Website

An impressive, vibrant, and colorful design – thanks to the eye-catching images and simple text. The combination is just right – WordPress and WooCommerce. The information on the top of the page, the menu bar, is apt. You can also see a Book Last Minute option on the page's right, an interesting add-on.

13. Bijin Salon & Spa Website

When it comes to the website design, Bijin Salon & Spa went for an exclusive concept made using WordPress. This site offers a no-scroll homepage, making it quite simple as you don’t have to go to the bottom of the page to look for the services offered. From packages to the online appointment, everything is there right in front of the customer.

14. Paris Parker Salons & Spas Website

The clean image and text placement make this website striking, thanks to one of the most popular website design platforms, WordPress. Moreover, the simple use of a text logo well-placed call to action button right on the homepage image is an excellent idea. Although of two rows, the menu bar is clean and complements the design of the website well.

15. Fringe Hair Cut Salon Website

Sleek and elegant website design made using WordPress, this one is perfect for those who love minimal use of color. Fringe Hair Cut Salon has put up a solid website that showcases simplicity and offers a hassle-free user experience on the site. The menu bar is well-organized and does not include any irrelevant info.

16. Illusions Color Salon Website

The website's simple font makes the design look even more appealing, thanks to WordPress website design. The combination of text and image on the website is not only attractive but easy on the eye. One of the design highlights is the contact info that remains constant on the top-right panel, even when you scroll on the site.

17. Stag Hair Parlor Website

The Stag Hair Parlor website reflects the simplicity of their salon interiors. The site's menu bar offers a simple design and includes everything that the customer would need – from the book an appointment to products and contact, the website is pretty simple to find everything on the same page.

18. Andy LeCompte Salon Website

The elegant one-page website by Andy LeCompte Salon is designed using WordPress. It’s an inspiring example for those who are looking to find information without much hassle. The large-sized images and minimalistic options on the menu bar give the user the idea of a classic salon.

19. Ramirez Tran Salon Website

Visuals are essential, and the Ramirez Tran Salon website has it right there. It is designed using WordPress, and the large image on the site does a dual work of banner image and the logo. The simple and definitive menu bar highlights the crucial elements only, keeping it t-the-point and simple.

20. Kimble Hair Studio Website

The horizontally-elongated banner image design is the focus of the website. This site design is made using Shopify and is great for those looking to highlight their brand name. The clean, well-defined menu bar includes everything that the customer needs – from shop to salon and contact. Although there is no Booking info on the homepage, the contact info can be used instead.

21. Nine Zero One Salon Website

This is again a game-winner! Made using WordPress, the site uses large-sized images with a clean menu bar option is a well-thought design plan. The light background keeps the focus right on the content of the website. The contact option lets you send them a message or get in touch with them through a phone call or an email.

22. Cinta Salon Website

The design of the Cinta Salon website is clean and well organized. It is a visually-appealing website that has all the primary options right at the top menu bar. Moreover, the Book, reschedule, and FAQs box on the page is quite a unique touch, keeping things simple. The large banner image keeps the focus on the site for a long.

23. Jet Rhys Hair Salon

The Jet Rhys hair salon website is made using WordPress. The site has a full-screen background image of the salon artists working, making the site even more appealing. Clicking the ‘Menu’ option on the top-right corner of the site will give you all the details, including an appointment placing and more. The bottom of the page includes the salon's opening hours and a newsletter sign up option for the latest updates.

24. The Parlour Room Website

Rich, vibrant, and magazine-like – The Parlour Room website has it all. The site is designed with a GoDaddy website builder. With a bright and appealing design, the site is not just great for including images, but the menu holds quite a few options. From group bookings to appointments and contact, you can get everything right under a single menu bar; that’s the beauty of this site design.

25. Larry King Salon Website

The Larry King website design offers the right blend of clean design and apt placement of images and text. The site is designed using WordPress and WooCommerce. The limited usage of text on the website helps in reducing any redundancies. The “Book Online” option on the top right corner helps the user make an appointment with a single click.

26. Hershesons Berners Street Salon Website

If you are looking for a perfect combination of text and image placement, then this Magento website design is right for you. The clean font size keeps things simple and to-the-point. There is also a shopping cart to purchase your chosen products; store information for salon queries and appointments.

27. George Northwood Hair Salon Website

Bold and gorgeous! The George Northwood hair salon website is perfect for those looking to make a mark through their website design. We liked the menu bar's unconventional placement on the top left corner of the page. You can also find the “Book online” option to make a quick appointment. A user-friendly website design.

28. Jo Hansford Salon Website

The clean use of text and images is the highlight of this website. If you are looking to make a big impression of the brand through large images on the website, this website design is apt for you. The simple font is elegant and brings out the brand ethos aptly.

Jo Hansford hair salon website example

Access the website here: https://www.johansford.com/

29. Four London Salon Website

The Four London website is designed on WordPress and exudes richness and exquisiteness. The homepage's dark background helps in highlighting the text and the menu bar on the website. The top menu is clean, well-organized, and contains everything, from services to online booking, which the customer would be looking for, making it a user-friendly website.

30. Percy & Reed Salon Website

An attractive and appealing WordPress website design, the Percy & Reed website is an example of the right usage of color, font, and image. It gives quite a vibrant feel. You can find the menu bar at the top of the homepage, with all the information you need.

31. Aveda Institute Website

If you are looking to make that first great impression with your website design, this Drupal site-building platform is a big inspiration. You can find all the information required on the homepage itself. Right from bestsellers to shop and offers, there is everything a customer would need.

32. Paul Edmonds London Salon Website

This WordPress website design is a winner for the vibrant use of the image on the homepage. The website's rich look also comes from the banner's text that highlights the salon's highlight. Moreover, the “Book Now” option on the menu bar is a highlight of the site design.

33. Aldo Coppola Salon Website

The Aldo Coppola website is built using WordPress and is all about an interesting and simple website design. The large and vibrant banner image on the homepage offers a grand entry to the website. The horizontal placement of the menu bar with every option – right from salon to contacts helps the user find whatever they are looking for, all in one place.

34. Metropolis Salon Website

Bold and beautiful is what we will call this. Designed using Squarespace, the website uses large text and image is the perfect amalgamation of high-quality design and the right use of color and text. The site gives the idea of how great the services of the salon would be. The Book, Your Visit tab on the top-right corner of the page grabs your attention and is correctly placed.

35. Salon 64 Website

This is another example of a bold and gorgeous WordPress site building platform. We liked the limited use of text. The website has smartly used the testimonials on the homepage, showing the users exactly what they need to know. The unique placement of the menu bar on the bottom of the page is smart and uncluttered.

36. Stil Salon Website

We personally liked this one due to its simplistic WordPress website design. Although you can see this design quite often, it is still one of the most popular ones. The placement of the image and text is right and clean. The placement of the contact information helps the user to find it easily.

37. Glasshouse Salon Website

The Glasshouse Salon site is great to look at. We immediately got impressed by its design, use of color, text, and placement of the images. The salon address and other contact info are right in front of you so that you can locate these easily—a minimalist, simple website design.

38. Ned’s Parlour Website

If you are about all work and no play, then this website design is great for you. The light background, simple font usage, and limited text are quite professional and clean. The call to action buttons on the homepage can be easily located and help users book an appointment without much hassle.

39. Neville Hair and Beauty Salon Website

Again a simple design but very captivating. The site is built using WordPress. The placement of image and text is so that the user's equal attention on both these elements. You can find the contact number at the top right corner of the page, easy to find. The menu is hidden at the top left corner, which makes it a clean design too.

40. The Chapel Salon Website

We love this website too! The clean menu bar with options that the customer would be interested in gives the customer exactly what they need. There is also an option of Late Availability on the right corner of the page and a Live Chat Now option on the left bottom.

41. Charles Worthington Salon Website

Charles Worthington is one of the most popular salons in the United Kingdom, and its website exudes why it is that popular. Designed using WordPress, the site showcases apt use of color, text, font, and the image is a clear winner here. The menu covers Our Salons to Services options, which helps the user get every info in just a click.

42. Windle&Moodie Salon Website

Windle & Moodie is the perfect example of to-the-point information and bold design, thanks to WordPress and WooCommerce. The monochrome color palette is great for grabbing the attention of the customer. There is everything you need to know about the salon and services in the design. Whether you want to book an appointment or shop products, you find it all here.

43. Hare & Bone Salon Website

You want to make sure your target customer knows you well for the first time; this WordPress website design inspiration is for you. From the menu bar, which includes “About Us, Salons, Services, Book Online,” and other options, the site design is perfect for any brand to the large banner image that showcases important achievements.

44. Josh Wood Hair Salon Website

Are you looking to ensure that your customer knows about you and your work portfolio right when they get to your website, this Shopifydesign is a perfect choice? You can find the Shop section on the top left and the personal consultation on the top right corner of the site design, making it quite organized and useful.

45. Daniel Galvin Salon Website

For a more magazine-like feel, go for the Daniel Galvin website design inspiration. The site design is a combination of WordPress and WooCommerce. We personally like this design due to the minimal use of text, which keeps the site uncluttered and clean. The “Menu” is hidden, while the “Book Online” option can be found on the page's right side.

46. Salon U Website

Designed with Squarespace, Salon U brings together a clean website design. Everything that a customer needs can be found at the bottom of the website. The large banner image is prominent, which offers a grand entryway to the website. The user can get every detail on the homepage itself, from services to booking hours and contact info.

47. Next Hair Salon Website

The award-winning hair salon, Salon Next, is designed with Squarespace and has a clean, smartly-designed website that is quite captivating. The website offers a space for the salon's logo on the top-left corner and menu on the top-right corner, keeping things separate and less distracting. From taking a look at the products' services, you can easily locate the brand’s offerings.

48. Cielo Hair Salon Website

This salon website is designed smartly and helps the user easily find a salon near their location. The site offers links to the salon locations, exclusive products, services, and gift cards. You can also buy their products easily on the site and take a glimpse of their clients' looks.

It has a beautiful clean design for the classy male salon.

Although this is one of our favorites, there are actually quite a few different barbershop designs available at Wix that you can check out.

It can be difficult to know where to start when you’re about building a new salon website. But starting to learn from what the best salon websites do is a perfect start.

A few important themes that become very clear as we look at the examples here are:

  • Visual impression: How fast do you understand what the website you landed on is about, and does that resonate with your target salon client? Is it also consistent with your salon to align the client’s experience online and offline?

  • Clear call-to-action: Do you immediately find a book now button that links you to the salon’s appointment scheduling software?

  • Is contact information clearly visible: Do you immediately find the opening hours, address, and phone number on the website? In fact, this will be the reason most people visit your salon’s page.

  • Smart use of content: Do you include specific pages for your key services, and is your website integrated with your social media. Producing publishing more content will help your salon show up better on Google and other search engines.

We hope the top salon websites shared here have inspired new ideas for your salon website. But don’t just leave it as an idea. Take action on getting your new website up today.

VI. bePOS - The Most Suitable POS System For Every Hair Salon

bePOS is one of the most favorable POS systems for more than 10 countries around the world. The spa software is integrated with many features to support the management process of spa owners. Moreover, it is connected directly with customers through personal information data, gathering customer feedback. From there, the spa can conduct professional customer care services that meet their needs.

bePOS contains outstanding features of a POS system to support managers:

  • Booking Management

  • Cloud-Based

  • CRM

  • Report

  • Inventory Management

  • Cash Management

  • ​Staff Management

  • Treatment Management

Let's bePOS become your best assistant right now!

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