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bePOS - Version 2.2.0 - Toward Enhancing Customer Experience

Đã cập nhật: Dec 11, 2019

Being one of the most effective POS systems, bePOS always want to bring the best management features, which would help business owners to maximize business efficiency, reduce operation cost and time consuming.

Based on the valuable feedbacks of thousands Merchants, bePOS has improved and extended over 600+ features. At the moment, these unique functions is only provided by bePOS.

Let us show you our outstanding features!

1/ New Screen App for Customers - beDisplay 2.0:

  • Allow the last customers to see their orders include: List of products and Prices, Total Price, Vouchers,...

beDisplay - Order Display
  • Allow business owners to set images, banners into Order Display. This feature would show the promotions, best sellers... to maximize Up-sale opportunities.

  • For customers who want to pay by QR code (ZaloPay and VNPay), the QR codes will appear in the Order Display by the time the cashiers choose payment methods.

  • Allow business owners to ask for survey, feedback about service experience after finishing orders.

2/ Product Management for chains (Franchise and Independent Owner)

  • Account-based/Location-level product management.

  • Enforce chain (shared) products to be managed by chain’s owner.

  • Support franchiser merchants with multiple locations of the same chain.

  • Option to disable stock info from other locations will not visible to the current merchant.

bePOS - Maximized product display

3/ Notable features for smoother chain operations

  • Option to disable Subtotal at specific locations.

  • Detail order activities.

  • Automatically logging of after finalizing takings that would help the owners to manage staff easier and more efficient.

  • Maximized product display and payment display; develop devise compatibility with Kootoro Printers and HPRT Printers.

bePOS believes that our outstanding features would help business owners to reach success!

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