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15 Food Ordering Apps Highly Recommended For Both Merchants & Customers

The online food ordering app is one of the critical apps any food lover will have on their smartphone. There are millions of food devotees that only incorporate food into their lifestyles.

Nowadays, there are many useful mobile applications dedicated to food. When you choose a food ordering app, consider the following:

  • Shipping Charges: Most apps require a standard delivery fee, but some apps charge a shipping fee for each restaurant you choose to order. Note that some food ordering apps will also charge an extra service fee if you request from a non-partner restaurant.

  • Minimum Orders: Restaurants are usually responsible for minimum orders, but sometimes apps set their minimums and charge an additional fee if the value of your order doesn't meet the level. Minimum.

  • Accepted Payment Methods: Of course, most food ordering apps will accept major credit and debit cards, but some even accept Paypal or cash.

  • User Interface: food ordering applications are for convenience and to create a seamless shopping experience. Search apps allow you to search and browse with filters such as menu prices, dishes and the ratings of the users. Some fantastic apps are letting you track your orders in real-time.

  • Work practice: Whether you are a customer or a driver, it's essential to know that your food handler is being treated well by their employer.

Here are the best food ordering apps of 2020, including the cheapest food ordering apps and the best apps for food service, with star ratings and live reviews by Apple and Google Play App Store. Let's look at the top online food ordering apps that every foodie must-have on their smartphones.

1. GrubHub

GrubHub has food delivery and takeout from more than 50,000 restaurants in over 1,100 cities. Just choose the food you want, and from there you will find the great restaurants and menus from the restaurants. Then, with only one touch, you can deliver the food to your hands.

Having the largest selection of restaurants, GrubHub delivers your favourite food to your home. You can order with a few simple taps in the iOS GrubHub app and provide your favourite restaurant.

Also, GrubHub will incorporate any donations that GrubHub + members make to No Kid Hungry so that you can double your community impact.

GrubHub offers:

  • Multiple Restaurants: GrubHub offers the largest selection of restaurants in the nation! Whether it's Chinese, Greek, Italian food or any other food you're craving for, it's protected.

  • Orders are straightforward: When you place an order using the iOS app, you will avoid the hassle of mistaking it by phone. You can also count on GrubHub 24/7 customer support.

  • Real-time order tracking: GrubHub provides real-time order tracking, so you know exactly when you need your door for your delicious meal.

  • Multiple order options: The GrubHub app offers a lot of great features, such as ordering now or pre-ordering your next meal, resetting your favourite meals with one tap, ordering your takeout and take your meal to save time and money, and paying through a variety of options including Apple Pay, Venmo, and GrubHub gift cards.

  • Business and specials: Get access to exclusive benefits only available through GrubHub+

  • Quality ratings and reviews: GrubHub has tons of restaurant ratings and reviews, so you can count on buying the best food in your area. Look at the restaurants and menus in which you try to help other GrubHub customers. Then, order your favourite food from local restaurants near you. Download GrubHub now!

Standard shipping: Starts at $ 1.49

2. DoorDash

If you are new to food ordering apps, DoorDash is an excellent choice for beginners. After you enter your address or zip code, DoorDash will upload all participating restaurants in your area and even provide an approximate waiting time before you click on the restaurant. To help you to narrow your search, you can filter results like restaurant star rating, pick-up restaurants, vegetarian food, and menu prices. Additionally, the app often offers a first-time special offer, like free shipping or a 20% discount on your first order. It is ranked among the highest star rating with 4.8 stars compared to competitive food delivery services.

DoorDash offers:

  • A wide variety of dishes to choose, from your local sushi bar to the comfort food you crave. Get your favourite meals faster with quick and easy ordering.

  • Register to DoorDash: DoorDash offers lower service fees and $ 0 delivery fees, with thousands of local restaurants recently added.

  • Delivery without contact: Deliveries are now at your doorstep by default, and you can choose to "Ship to me" if you wish. If a delivery request is contactless, the Dasher will know you want them to keep their food in a safe place and notify you when it's ready to pick up.

  • Delivery schedule: Pre-ordering lets you pick up your food when it's most convenient for you.

  • Real-time tracking: You can see when your order will arrive. From food quality to preparation time, traffic to weather, DoorDash have taken into account all the factors relevant to you.

  • No minimum: Order as little as you like.

  • Pay: Convenient payments via Apple Pay or credit card.

With Doordash, you can get delivery anytime, anywhere. DoorDash offers the best selection of your favourite national and local restaurants - over 310,000 menus across over 4,000 cities in the US, Canada and Australia. Spend more time doing the things you love, DoorDash will take care of the rest.

Standard delivery fee: $ 5.99.

3. Seamless

Seamless is very good at getting customer feedback and updating its app to reflect consumer needs. For example, Seits payment policy. The app also introduces popular dishes on the homepage as well as searches for exactly what you are craving for. Please note that some reviewers say that the app has many flaws and is sometimes not the easiest to use, but users also report Seamless changed its service to accept cash and Paypal after a customer complained about t "customer service is first." Seamless also almost always has great deals like $ 12 discounts on your orders.

Seamless offers:

  • Explore the local culinary scene with Seamless - all five counties, with no hidden fees

  • Discover exclusive food delivery deals you can only find on the Seamless app. For a limited time, get your favourite Taco Bell dishes delivered for free on orders of $ 12 and up! (Terms apply.)

  • Rearrange favourite meals faster with Express Reorder

  • Track your orders with real-time delivery updates

  • Pre-order your next meal four days in advance

With Seamless, you can order food to be delivered to or received from a variety of restaurants near you. Dine with Seamless and get local menus, quick, easy online ordering and the best places in New York, where and when you want.

Additionally, Seamless will incorporate any contributions Seamless + members donate to No Kid Hungry so that you can double your community impact.

Standard Delivery Fee: Fee determined by the restaurant

4. Uber Eats

With Uber Eats, you can easily find the food you crave and order from restaurants with the Uber Eats app and track your food orders in real-time. Besides, you can also receive your food delivered by a deliveryman using the Uber Eats app.

Uber Eats offers:

  • Find your favourite restaurants: You can browse nearby restaurants and search for food by cuisine, restaurant name, dish or meal, and choose from a variety of foods to order such as pizza, burritos, and hamburgers.

  • Simple order: Select your food orders from any menu, add it to your cart with a few taps and order the food to be delivered as soon as possible by the delivery person. It helps you to schedule your order in advance for the delivery person to pick up later. Your choice!

  • Order or delivery: Now, you can also pre-order food for Pickup instead of just delivery. Select Pick up, add the food to the cart and go to the restaurant to collect the food. Or, choose the new contactless delivery option and request to pre-order your doorstep.

  • Easy payment: You can pay quickly with a credit card or Uber Cash. Adding another card is easy. Then, enter promo code Uber Eats to redeem a discount on your meal order.

  • Real-time order tracking: Track your food orders on the map as it goes in your direction and views the estimated delivery time to your address. Besides, you can get notified when your order arrives.

Standard Delivery Fee: $4.99 and up based on distance

5. goPuff

goPuff provides thousands of daily necessities in just a few minutes. From toiletries & over the counter medicine to food, drinks, electronics and essentials for kids and pets, goPuff gives you what you need for a fixed delivery fee of $ 1.95.

goPuff offers:

  • Order in seconds, delivery in minutes: Download the goPuff app and enter your address. goPuff supplies more than 190 markets and continue to grow, covering most major cities, and they're rapidly expanding! You can add your favourite food to the cart and continue checkout. We pack your order at our local facility and ship it straight to you. Having no intermediary meant we'd get there quickly!

  • Thousands of convenient items: Order food deliveries, from the new essentials (eggs, milk, bread and cheese) to your favourite snacks, like chips, ice cream and candy. Looking for a drink delivery? Order from goPuff selection of flat and fancy drinks, energy drinks & juices. It also has a wine delivery service - beer, wine and spirits delivery. Do you need to deliver essential items at home? Just need to buy their tissue, toilet paper, cleaning products and more. Some of their partners include Ben & Jerry's, Coca-Cola, Gatorade, Flamin Hot Cheetos.

  • Good delivery: Some food delivery services charge more when they are busy. Not goPuff. Its fast delivery is always as low as $ 1.95 - all day, every day. They never increase or increase deliveries. If you want free shipping, just need to join their membership program that offers free shipping on all orders with a low monthly subscription.

  • Delivery without contact: goPuff's customers can always request specific delivery instructions when placing an order. For the safety of drivers and customers, you can check the box "Contactless Delivery". The driver-partner will leave your order at your requested location and call you upon arrival.

  • Payment method: goPuff accepts credit cards (Visa, American Express, MasterCard and Discover) and debit cards, as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

  • Make a point to redeem the bonus: goPuff offers you good deals. They created Puff Points, a reward program that gives you more discounts when you order goPuff. You can earn points for each order and redeem them to unlock various rewards, like daily and weekly discounts. All new users earn 6,000 Puff points with their first purchase!

  • Excellent customer service: Sometimes, things just don't go as they should. goPuff Customer Service representatives on the other end of the line.

  • 24/7 Delivery in the best market: goPuff owns and operate their facilities, serve more than 190 delivery regions across the country, and stock thousands of items from your favourite brands. goPuff ships to many major cities such as Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Charlottesville, etc. They deliver 24/7 in most markets and until 4:30 am in newly launched regions. Beer delivery, wine delivery and wine delivery are only available in certain areas. ID verification required for alcohol delivery. Drink responsibly.

Standard Delivery Fee: $1.95 flat rate

6. Postmates

Postmates delivers food from your favourite restaurants, 24/7, 365 days a year. Shippers help you get what you want and when you want. Just Postmate it. You can order burgers, sushi, pizza and more with Postmate. There are more than 600,000 restaurants and retailers in the country and the country, 650,000 shippers on the ground, ready to bring you just about anything. Besides, there are more than 4,200 cities and growing in the United States. You can track orders in real-time, help you update delivery progress. Free shipping on all orders over $ 12 with Unlimited Membership. You can use Postmate Pickup for takeout, skip and fee purchases. Postmates Party where trending locations around you are updated every 5 minutes with no delivery fees!

Postmates offers:

  • Delivery without contact: You can choose to meet your Postmate at the door, meet the curb, or not be in touch and delivered on-site

  • Get anything to be delivered: Postmate is the first app to offer whatever you want when you want. We provide almost anything from your favourite restaurant or retailer in minutes.

  • Curbside Pickup: Once your order is placed, you will have the ability to "Register" to notify the seller to outside to deliver your order.

  • Brands you can find on Postmates only: Sugarfish, Sweetfin, Blaze Pizza, Tocaya Organica, Howlin Ray's, etc.

  • Delivery anywhere, any time: Postmates will deliver to your next home, dorm, office, park or dinner party - wherever you are, whenever you want, just re-post.

  • Express delivery: Postmates delivery platform takes time and distance into account to ensure your order gets delivered to the best Postmate possible, for the fastest possible delivery.

  • Unlimited posts: Join Unlimited for $ 9.99 / month, and you'll get free shipping on orders over $ 12. Do you like the offer? Save 17% when you sign up for the annual plan.

  • Customer service: Postmates’s world-class customer service team is available 24/7. You can always contact us at help.postmate.com.

  • Payment method: Apple Pay, Credit Cards, Debit Cards. Major credit cards: Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover. All transactions are 100% digital, no cash required.

  • Promotion terms: $ 100 Shipping Fee Terms and Conditions: Offer is valid for first-time customers only. Service fees are subject to change and apply. Store and provide availability based on user's location. They are limited to 1 usage per customer. Offers cannot be shared or transferred. Offer is valid for seven days only after redemption. The maximum value of the offer is up to $ 100. The offer cannot be exchanged for cash or similar exchange. Shippers reserve the right to modify or terminate this offer at any time without notice.

  • Operations in all major US cities: Albuquerque, Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Bellevue, Boston, Brooklyn, Charlotte, Chicago, Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, East Bay, Evanston, Fort Lauderdale, Honolulu, Houston, Indianapolis, Jersey City, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Louisville, Madison, Miami, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Nashville, New Orleans, Newark, New York City, Oklahoma City, Omaha, Orange County, Orlando, Palm Springs, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Portland, Queens, Raleigh, Sacramento, San Antonio, Santa Barbara, San Bernardino, San Diego, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Seattle, SF Peninsula / Bay Area, St. Louis Louis, Tampa, Tucson, Virginia Beach, Washington DC.

  • National partner: McDonald's, Chipotle, Sweetgreen, Shake Shack, Subway, Tender Greens, Popeyes, Jack in the Box, By Chloe., Blaze Pizza, Denny's, PF Changs, IHOP, Walgreens, The Halal Guys, Panera Bread, Jamba Juice and hundreds of varieties other.

Standard Delivery Fee: $1.99 – $3.99 for Partner Merchants (green check) and $5.99 – $9.99 for all other merchants.

7. Delivery.com

Delivery.com is your must-have food ordering app for fast, local delivery, and receipt of food, alcohol, liquor, laundry and grocery! You can order from the best local stores in your neighbourhood and download a single one-stop app that offers food, drinks and more at the touch of a button!

You just need to enter your address and delivery.com finds all the local restaurants and stores that supply food, wine, groceries or laundry for you. You can browse through thousands of menus and order food from your favourite restaurants. Find beer, wine and spirits quickly. Receive groceries to your door on request. Even schedule pick up and drop off for laundry and dry cleaning. Delivery.com is the app for everything you need in the neighbourhood.

Search by cuisine (Chinese! Pizza!), Food (spicy tuna roll!), Drinks (anything from "white wine" or "whiskey" to hard-to-find craft beer) ... or whatever you are craving. You can order from over 15,000 local merchants.

Delivery.com offers:

  • Deliver to anywhere: Order from your favourite restaurant or let us recommend popular places near you. Delivery.com will bring it to your home, office, anywhere!

  • Delivery point: You can earn points of delivery with every order. Free food redemption, donations to charities (and other great prizes).

  • Order or delivery: Order to receive and skip goods, or receive and delivery to take place.

  • Schedule & books: Create scheduled orders for future meals or use our rearrange carousel to bring in trusty favourites.

  • Group order: Use Group Ordering feature to place orders with friends, coworkers, neighbours, and roommates.

  • Order of office: Ordering at the office has never been easier with Group Ordering, company discounts, catering, and credit payments.

  • Business and recommendation: Check out their promo page for access to exclusive offers on your order.

  • Good customer service: If customers have any questions, they will receive an award for customer support by phone or live chat.

  • There are SNS near you: Ordered in NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Burlington, Madison, Lansing and hundreds of other cities and towns across the United States.

  • Payment method: Pay with all major credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Visa Checkout, Masterpass and PayPal. After your first order, cash payment is accepted.

  • Get $10 for your first order: Get $ 10 off your first order with a minimum subtotal of $ 15 (excluding taxes, tips, shipping charges). Just use the APPETITE code. You must be over 21 years old to call or drink alcohol.

Standard Delivery Fee: Varies by restaurants.

8. Munchery

Munchery answer the question which seems hard to be answered, "What to eat for dinner?" with healthy, affordable meals delivered by chefs delivered to the door.

Their local chefs of the restaurants use fresh ingredients to create their style dishes, bringing a wealth of variety to our daily menu. You can choose from main courses, side dishes, salads and snacks. So are children's healthy drinks and meals. The menu changes every day; therefore, there's always something new to try. Meals arrive on request, or you can schedule deliveries within a guaranteed period of 1 hour up to a week in advance.

Meals are chilled to keep everything fresh. Simple instructions for one last time, be it a drizzle of change clothes or a few minutes in your oven or microwave, meaning dinner is ready - fresh and hot - when you're ready to eat.

For every fresh and delicious chef-cooked meal you order, Munchery delivers it to the needy through local food banks. They believe everyone deserves a delightful dinner.

Munchery offers:

  • The side items are taking centre stage—we now recommend the best options to complement your dish selections so you can quickly complete your meal.

  • Free delivery: Delivery.com added free delivery for orders over $60!

  • Improved experience for weekly customers

  • Upgraded push notification system - so you can get more of the Munchery info you want

  • Regulars get special treatment: You can now choose membership at checkout to start indulging in five-star perks.

  • A healthy drizzle of maple syrup has the app running sweeter than ever.

Standard Delivery Fee: $8.95 membership

9. BeyondMenu

You can order food online without queues! With the BeyondMenu App, you can search for restaurants online and order for pick up, delivery or even booking without having to pick up your phone. You can choose from thousands of different local restaurants and over 35 other dishes. It's time to try something new and discover the restaurant community around you to see what you've missed the whole time. You can also browse the restaurant delivery menus, read customers' reviews, check out local coupons of the app and order takeout right from the palm of your hand. Since we have a nationwide presence, you can use the App anywhere!

BeyondMenu offers:

  • Quickly enter your location with GPS location services.

  • Save as many favourite addresses as you need

  • Filter results by dish, order type, distance and more

  • Discover coupons and restaurant offers and apply to your shopping cart before ordering

  • View past orders and reorder with the click of a button

  • Quickly pay by scanning your credit card.

  • Share our apps with your network of friends, family, and colleagues via messaging, Facebook, and more.

  • Access to the extensive network of support representatives

  • New features and updates are released continuously.

  • Cities / Regions served: Baltimore, Denver, Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix, San Francisco, Boston, Houston, Miami, Omaha, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Las Vegas, New Jersey, Philadelphia, San Diego, Washington DC and more!

Standard Delivery Fee: Varies by restaurants.

10. Just Eat

Fuss-free food is delivered to your home or office by Just Eat. You just need to download the free Just Eat app and order from local restaurants and takeout. From India to Italy, burgers to burgers, find your taste with Just Eat.

Scattered in the cluttered drawers for paper takeout menus are the thing of the past. Ordering a fresh meal right on your Android phone or tablet has never been easier.

Just Eat offers:

  • A wide range of global cuisines and explore tens of thousands of menus: Pizza, Pad Thai, wholesome to hearty, fish and chips with falafel, steak with salad - Just Eat have food for every mood.

  • Personalize your search results to find great deals and exclusive money-saving deals.

  • Use your device's postcode or location services to find nearby local restaurants and eateries and view them on a map. We can even help with helpful directions if you are choosing your food.

  • Order quickly and easily. No more phone calls to busy restaurants.

  • Countless local menus at your fingertips. Clean up that old menu drawer and make better use of it, like hiding cookies.

  • Order with confidence thanks to millions of customers' restaurant reviews and transparent star ratings.

  • Finding what you want is easy. You can explore, list, and filter by restaurant name, review score, star rating, distance, special offers, distance and type of cuisine.

  • Pay with cash on delivery or collection, or safely and securely with debit and credit card.

  • Track your meal progress, from the restaurant that received your order to the delivery driver ringing the doorbell for you.

  • Share your experiences with other Just Eat customers. Review your meals and restaurant services in a few taps.

  • Sign in with your existing Just Eat account or create a new one in seconds.

  • Reorder your favourites at a glance from your order history. You can also save your card details and avoid loads of fiddly forms.

Standard Delivery Fee: Varies by restaurants.

11. Otlob

Otlob is a fun and easy food ordering app that allows you to order from all your favourite restaurants without any errors when ordering or ordering. This app is used in Egypt in the largest community and explores the ordering experience more comfortable.

Otlob believes that ordering food must be fun and easy. That's why they’ve built an app that lets you order from all of your favourite restaurants without having to call a long call centre, annoying, and continuously expensive price boost sales. Oblot believes that you will be able to order. Join a community of over 1,000,000 people in Egypt who use Otlob to order from thousands of top restaurants and explore the ordering experience more effortless.

You need to choose your location and browse the top restaurants, add your meal to the basket, do y payment, cash payment on delivery or online payment by visa. Then, food is delivered quickly and simply.

Oblot offers:

  • Use GPS to find top restaurants near you.

  • Browse through thousands of updated menus

  • Restaurants sort by cuisine, prices, discounts and user reviews

  • Automatic delivery technology to minimize human errors

  • A selection of top restaurants in Cairo, Alexandria, the Delta and Upper Egypt

  • Save money with exclusive deals, discounts and coupons.

  • Track your order progress with our live in-app status updater

  • Customize the order to your taste just like a restaurant

  • Review your order history to reorder your favourite meals

  • Browse top restaurants like McDonald's, KFC, Papa John's, Burger King, Cook Door, Pizza Hut and many more!

  • Review and Feedback: If you have any problem with your order, you can contact Oblot at feedback@otlob.com for direct customer care support.

Standard Delivery Fee: Varies by restaurants.

12. Grab

Grab offers a convenient food delivery service to its customers. It is considered as Southeast Asia's most reliable on-demand service app, offering hassle-free trips, fast food delivery and cashless payments.

The ride-hailing services have specific names for their purposes such as Just Grab find the closest cars for you, Grabhitch to schedule a ride in advance and share your ride, and more.

Grab plays an essential role in delivering food at the right time and to the right people. Grabfood called Grabfood helps you satisfy your cravings by delivering every dish to your door.

Grabfood offers:

  • Schedule an order later: Recently introduced, you can now schedule GrabFood orders with a future delivery time up to two days later. You can choose the option for scheduled delivery when you're on the merchant's page or just before you check your cart. This feature is useful when you are organizing a party or when you know that you have a busy day ahead and have no time to browse and order later. Currently, scheduled orders are only available to select sellers.

  • Self-pickup: GrabFood is more than just delivery. If you go out for junk food regularly, you can use the app's 'buffet' option to pre-order and skip the queue. For example, a customer tries using this feature to buy dinner from a Japanese curry rice restaurant near his home. When he places an order, the app tells him how long it takes the restaurant to prepare him food, so he just needs to get there when it's almost ready. That way, grab it right away, and he didn't waste time waiting. If you are unsure about the restaurant's location, GrabFood will also provide directions from Google Maps to help you navigate there.

  • Place your multiple orders even at the same time: Using GrabFood, you don't have to wait until your order is delivered before placing a new order. While your current order is being shipped, you can return to the GrabFood homepage and place another order. GrabFood allows you to place up to four concurrent demands - they can come from the different restaurants, and you can even choose to ship them to the same or other address. To follow and control all of your ongoing orders, simply retrieve them from your order history tab.

  • Search Filters: Having a wide variety of foods to choose from is excellent, but sometimes not being selected can make it challenging to come to a decision. Finally, "What would you like to eat?" is a notoriously tricky question to answer. Even if you have a particular food in mind, you can find more than 20 results for Japanese food around you. Filter your search by recommendation, popularity, user rating, distance, promotions, and halal options. Next time you run into this, try turning on the search filter to sort restaurants by user rating, so you can harness the wisdom of many to find out which restaurants are worth trying. GrabFood's search filter also allows you to view restaurants by popularity, recommended sellers, distance, and promotions. For Muslim users, you'll be happy to know that you can also filter your search based on Halal options.

  • Suggestions on the GrabFood homepage: How do you know a person like Japanese? After ordering Japanese food a few times, GrabFood was paying attention. Next time he opens the app, he finds a new section on his homepage that says "Because you like Japanese". GrabFood uses an algorithm to recommend food sellers you might like based on your previous activity on the app. If you are using order from the same restaurant or the same dish, you might find a 'Re-order' section that helps you get there faster right from the homepage without having to type a search. The GrabFood homepage also organizes suggestions like "What's good for breakfast" or "Dinner for the crowd" depending on the time of day and shows you all the culinary deals around your location, so you never miss.

  • Late-night food delivery: When hunger strikes at midnight, we often turn to fast food delivery as a quick and convenient option. As many food delivery companies stop delivering after 10 pm, some night owls have called GrabFood's 24/7 delivery service as a lifesaver. Of course, the degree of variety you can find late at night depends on how many traders are open late into the night.

Standard Delivery Fee: Varies by restaurants.

13. Foodpanda

Foodpanda is one of the most excellent online food ordering apps and serves in more than 50 countries. With over 15000 restaurant options, Foodpanda offers a wide variety of cuisines for diners such as Mexican, Chinese, Thai, Continental, etc.

Craving for something delicious from your favourite restaurant? Forgot shopping on the way home? Foodpanda delivers food and groceries at a glance - whatever you want. Their mission is to bring everything you want, need or crave right to your doorstep, whether the meal from your favourite local restaurant or the day cleaning and grocery deliveries.

The app is filled with some of the best culinary experiences in the world. Hungry for a firewood pizza, a classic burger or super fresh sushi? They know the best of every dish your city has to offer. Foodpanda is the best food delivery service in your city.

You just need to enter your address (home/office/treehouse). Then, choose your favourite restaurant or store and place your order. They prepare your items, and when they are ready, our courier will bring them to you. If you need something to see, you can track your rider in real-time. Just sit back and enjoy.

Foodpanda offers:

  • Contact the driver directly: This new feature allows consumers to initiate a live chat with the driver. Now, instead of calling restaurants to order directly, customers can chat directly with the driver if they want to provide more guidance on their location or even inquire about late deliveries.

  • Track food in real-time: From pick up point to delivery point, all food orders can now be tracked in real-time through the app. Once the order is confirmed, the "contact your rider" tab allows initiating a conversation with your rider. From your restaurant to your front door, it's now easier to know where your food is at all times. This feature has been updated Foodpanda for over six months.

Standard Delivery Fee: Varies by restaurants.

14. Box8

Why do more than 1,100,000+ followers love BOX8 food ordering app? They have the best online food ordering app with 4-star rating or above on Zomato and Foodpanda; Food delivery in 38 minutes; Order late night snacks & deliver food until 1 am; Order food online seamlessly with the intuitive Food Ordering App interface; and Order food online from a wide variety of menus.

Indian food, infused with delicate spices and flavours, prepared with the right ingredients, not only delight your taste buds but also satisfy your desire for something more. Again. Box8 wonders, why are all major food chains coming from outside India? Why isn't it an authentic Indian brand that protects the way Indian food should be ordered the way it should? They embarked on the journey to fill that void - Making 'better' Indian food available to everyone anywhere, anytime. A brand of 'Made in India' for Irresistible Meal is desired.

There are over 1700 professional rock stars who bring you the best online food ordering and food delivery experience and more than 100 food delivery stores across Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Delhi and Gurgaon. They control every aspect of our supply chain, from purchasing to product development to final weaning delivery to ensure you will get the best!

Box8 offers:

  • The right ingredients - Each BOX8 meal is made from fresh farm ingredients and freshly ground spices; you can be sure that you will enjoy every dish online.

  • One-Click Online Ordering - Intuitive user interface, seamless UX and engaging menu help you order food online, a great experience.

  • Fast food delivery - Order food online from BOX8, and we promise to deliver hot meals in just 38 minutes! Hail, wind or storm cannot stop BOX8 Sooperman from ensuring that you receive your food on time.

  • Late-night delivery - Late night hunger? Do not worry! No one can beat us in delivering late-night snacks to your home. Look no further and just order food online from BOX8 and we will bring you delicious Desi meals quickly even at 1 am.

  • Great food selection - Order food online from BOX8 and choose from a wide selection of menus - from All-in-1 Meals, Desi Boxes, Biryani, Curry, Paratha Packs, Desserts on the Order App Food goods BOX8.

  • Easy online food ordering: You can also order food online via Zomato and FoodPanda or simply download the BOX8 app for the best deals and coupon codes. When ordering food online at BOX8, you can choose from a variety of Online Payment options such as credit/debit card, online banking, such as PayTM, Mobikwik, AmazonPay, PhonePe, Freecharge, Ola Money, Airtel Payments Bank, BHIM UPI, etc. You can also postpay for your online food order after food delivery using the LazyPay and pay later options.

  • Corporate Discounts - Get a 25% DISCOUNT for your office lunch every time you order food online from BOX8 corporate deals. Just select/register your office address, and we will take care of your food delivery! Turn your Blues of the week into Happy Reds (Visit Box8 / Corporate)

  • Bulk discounts - Ordering food online from BOX8 in bulk for all of your party orders! Just visit BOX8 Orders page and fill out the form or contact us. We'll make sure you get your Irresistible Meal delivered on time, and you'll have a wonderful and memorable get together! (Visit Box8 / PartyOrder)

Standard Delivery Fee: Varies by restaurants.

15. Deliveroo

You can eat to help out with Deliveroo. Whether you love pizza, love fried chicken or want to order an Indian party, Deliveroo has everything on the menu for even the most rigid eaters. From nationally loved chain stores, such as KFC or Pizza Hut, to beloved local heroes, they have something for everyone. Deliveroo even has grocery stores for all of your daily essentials.

Are you looking for some out-of-the-box dining deals? Check out their "deals" tab to order excellent quality food without increasing your budget with meal deals and discounts right for you.

Deliveroo offers:

  • Easier ordering online: You can search in your area by your favourite dish, dish or restaurant brand, filter by diet need, fastest delivery times, top ratings, and more whether you need your food now or schedule it later. Skip the queue with our "get it" option. The "deals" section gives you access to top discounts.

  • You can know exactly where the food is with the tracker where you can track your cooking progress in real-time, be alerted when your driver is on the road and near you, and share your tracker with a team for larger orders.

  • Regardless of whether you want your food now or later, whether you want a home-sized party or a snack, download Deliveroo and we'll get it to you in no time. "

Standard Delivery Fee: Varies by restaurants.

What is even greater than the greatest food ordering app for your restaurant?

Using food ordering apps is one of the best ways to help your restaurant gain more profits and reach your customers better. However, does that food ordering app help or hurt your business?

As a restaurant owner, you must be careful when using third-party services for your business. Food ordering app for faster deliveries for both merchants and customers. However, there are some disadvantages when using a third-party service.

1. Cost of a food ordering application

The cost of using services will change the way you price your meals. In the end, your customers pay more. You must consider this fact when using a food ordering application for business. How will your customers react to an increase in prices?

2. Control and Responsibility

Once the customer's food is in the hands of an Uber driver, you have nothing left to do - and that's bad. You don't have control over the driver or the way the food is delivered. If for any reason, the customer's food is delayed or mishandled, your restaurant is responsible. You can count on any food delivery service to safely transport your food. However, crashes do happen, and there is nothing you can do to fix them.

3. Monitor your third party services

With your reputation, you want to make sure you're getting your money's worth. You have to keep track of how long it takes their driver to deliver your food and whether it is handled with care. If the shippers don't do their job correctly, the client's complaint could be blamed on you.

You should work with a food ordering application to make sure everything is done efficiently. Unfortunately, this is a problem. There is a lot of work that needs to be done to keep track of how well this service is performing. So, you have a restaurant to run and manage the third-party micro-service that can take you out of that.

So, what should merchants do now if they don't use food delivering apps?

Let us introduce you bePOS - The POS system trusted by busiest restaurants, which helps grow your business by 30% a year.

These are the features of bePOS that merchants like the most:

  • Kitchen Display System: Get quick order status updates & Avoid any lost or forgotten tickets left at the printer.

  • Cash Management: Account for and manage cash in the till with simple pay-ins and pay-outs

  • Staff Management: Easy to manage, track, measure, schedule; Maintain payroll details & Personalize accounts with employee-specific settings.

  • CRM: Record the customer's profile and buying history & Drive repeat business by rewarding loyal customers.

  • Cloud-Based: Stay synced anytime, anywhere & Enhance customer experience with only one information database.

  • Inventory Management: Track recipes against menu item, Determine ingredient-level food costs with ease & Auto-updated with in-service alerts, and Instant reporting

  • Menu Management: Add, clone, and organize menu items & Easy to modify to react with particular customer order.

  • Instant reporting: Post sales data daily, save time and reduce errors & Draw insights from comprehensive end-of-day summaries, and other detailed reports

Mainly, understanding the inconvenience of using food ordering apps of merchants, bePOS introduces to you the most-updated online ordering feature. You don't even need to download any food ordering app to reach and deliver food to your customers, and on the other hands, your customers also don't need to download it to order your food.

With just a link from bePOS back office, your customers only have to choose the location of the restaurant, choose the food they want, and fill their information in the form. Then, confirm and wait until the food coming to their home.

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